You would never imagine these are made of printed fabric!

Noga Chen
November 18, 2015

Break down everything you thought you knew about printing on textiles, as designers add SALT challenge digital print technology to create incredible contemporary lighting.

add SALT is quickly making its mark in the design world with a range of original geometric lighting. What first started out as a collaboration between Producks design studio duo Gil Sheffi and Yoav Avinoam with textile designer Mika Barr in 2012, quickly evolved into add SALT; together the trio utilize their combined skills and take a multidisciplinary approach to design. The result looks like this ‘Fresh Paint Special Edition!’


As part of a special project for ‘Fresh Paint Contemporary Art and Design Fair,’ in Tel Aviv, add SALT was commissioned to create a “color” light installation for the 2014 edition, achieved with the help of Kornit Digital. Using the Kornit Allegro roll-to-roll solution, add SALT was able to achieve these stunning end results!


“We choose to work with Kornit because we wanted to create a gradient between the fabric colors and the application printing. The Allegro is easy to use, enables us to carry out tests and modifications, plus you don’t need any additional tools (which would cost us much more). These factors guided our decision to choose Kornit… and working with them in the past was a bonus, too!”

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Photo credit: Yossi Sudri