With Parts Vaccinated and Others Battling Covid-19, Retailers Face a Challenge

Maor Yur
May 18, 2021

As the world continues to battle Covid-19, the percentage of vaccinated people worldwide continues to grow, but the numbers vary from one country to the next. The result is a divided global society in terms of routines, needs, and choices. For retailers and fashion brands, this means having to deal with many contradicting demands that change by the minute and according to the region. Businesses in our industry stand a better chance of catering to diverse audiences by following these three golden rules supported by digital textile tools. 

Creating diverse collections

Different stages of dealing with the pandemic translate to lifestyles that require specific outfits. Some countries are out and about, while others are still in the sweatpants phase. Brands and retailers should print relatively small and versatile collections that adapt to the current mood. This calls for fast, high-volume, on-demand production like the one provided by the Atlas MAX. This technology allows businesses to keep up with the program no matter how quickly it seems to change. 

Building a modular supply chain

As some regions go back to work and others halt production to focus on the virus, brands need consistency and reliability from a shifting supply chain. Building a modular supply chain means gaining the ability to seamlessly and instantly move your operations without having to suffer quality or availability issues. When every fulfiller has access to advanced textile technology, you can rest assured that the end result would match your vision with maximum accuracy, giving customers the exact product you were going for. 

Expanding offerings and business opportunities 

Because demand for garments shifts based on the region’s current health status, retailers and brands can’t afford to skip an opportunity. They must provide the broadest offering and acquire every capability in the book. Opening the door to business opportunities and collaborating with any partner at a moment’s notice is essential. We already know that adaptable businesses managed to succeed during this global crisis better than anyone, and a wide range of printing capabilities is needed to stay flexible. 

The good news is that while Covid-19 is on its way out and will eventually stop dominating the conversation, the above capabilities will remain relevant for the long run. The agility we gain now will benefit us for years to come. Advance your production today and embrace the tech tools that allow you to take over the world tomorrow.