Winter sports holidays are in full swing!

Maor Yur
January 26, 2020

Get ready to hit the slopes with ski wear that showsoff your refreshing styles

Chamonix France was first to host the Winter Olympics ever held, back in January 1924. Since then, holding the Winter Olympics continued and became a tradition, while snowsports have existed since ancient times. Did you know that before it became a sport, Skiing was a method of transportation in the mountains of Europe? You might think that getting the best ski gear or snowboard is your major concern when you want to whiz by in a blur. Well, quite the opposite, actually! The fact is that dressing right for this extra frigid winter sport is crucial to brave the cold, stay dry, and happy. No matter the style, personality, or taste, we are ready to show you how you can stay on budget, remain sustainable, and bundle up a snowlook for your next powder day that’s all about getting heads turning and better skiing experience.

Ski wear has evolved a great deal over the years. For example, can you imagine that the first ski suits were made out of heavy wool and flannel lining? For a stylish look, skiers would wear rubber or wax jackets. Since then, synthetic material started to be used, neon colors turned to pastels, and one-piece suits that were once fashionable turned to a neutral-colored jacket and a simple pair of trousers that yell out, “I’m a pro!”.

Before you start refreshing your wardrobe, don’t settle for a Michelin man look that would make you feel you’re all locked in. If you need performance ski clothes or merely some smart additions to your ski wear, if your ski jacket is made from snowproof fabric such as nylon, lycra or polyester, and needs a bit of refreshing you don’t need to splurge on outfits and accessories, and empty your pocket. Design options are limitless. The Kornit’s NeoPoly technology is the smartest printing solution that wins with superior polyester printing standards, preserving fabrics’ properties. It’s no surprise that the NeoPoly printer meets the sports industry’s durability standards. Ah, and with its water-based ink and no harmful substances, you’re sure to keep a sustainable mind and style. This single-step process is your preferred choice with your customized, stylish demands this season. NeoPloy is our latest development that is sure to make a to-die-for fashion statement while staying comfortable and cozy.

One last piece of advice: Don’t forget to grab your GoPro camera to capture those moments of glory with your #wearyourstory look, making everyone jealous as it is going to be the best winter ever!