Win the World Cup With 4 Fashion and Textile Tips for Champions

Nogah Senecky
December 15, 2022

The World Cup is officially on, and we couldn’t be more excited. Sports fans worldwide have shifted their schedules, stocked up on snacks, and refreshed their fanware wish lists for the global event.

If your textile business wants to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the sportswear market, which is expected to reach a value of $267.61 billion by 2028, start by embracing the following tips from our experts.

Move Fast 

Recent statistics regarding sports fans show that millennial and Gen fans Z follow more sports competitions compared to older generations. These are digital natives who consume content via online platforms and order their sportswear using the same channels. They also expect retailers to move quickly and answer their needs almost immediately.

Add this fun fact to the already unpredictable, fast pace of the sports arena, and you might start to feel slightly dizzy. Businesses looking to keep up with the latest scores and provide relevant garments to audiences have to be quick on their feet using the right techniques and technologies. There’s simply no time for redundant pre or post-treatments, for example. There’s also very little (if any) room for error.

What textile businesses need is a reliable network, machines that can handle orders at any volume with accuracy, and smooth on-demand operations. In other words, Kornit’s MAX technology and the KornitX Global Fulfiller Network.

Understand the Material 

Sportswear and polyester are a true stadium power couple, but fulfillers have to know how to work with this fabric to reach optimal results. The Atlas MAX Poly answers a long line of needs and challenges related to polyester printing. These market demands become that much more relevant when a major event like the World Cup takes place.

Being able to overcome the infamous dye migration to provide fans with the best quality prints is one key advantage, and printing on multiple fabrics and blends using a single operator is another.

Much like football (or soccer, depending on where you’re from), polyester has specific rules that businesses must follow. One of the biggest global events calls for nothing but top-quality printing, and fans who take themselves seriously will settle for nothing less.

Give Fans the Stage 

We’ve mentioned that the event’s fanbase includes many youngsters, and another point worth noting is their love for personalized products. A jersey with their name on it, for instance, will make fans feel like part of the game, a known sales-boosting tactic.

We already know that more than 70% of US sports fans consider personalization an integral part of their viewing experience. Bringing the same capability to the textile world will give fulfillers the upper hand.

We have no way of predicting who will make it to the World Cup finals, but we do know which businesses will win this event. Smart, speedy, tech-savvy ones who give fans more than they expect. It’s your game to win, and Kornit Digital is here to assist, so go for it.