Why on-demand direct-to-garment? Why now?

Don Whaley
December 13, 2022

The world is shifting to online, and e-commerce is exploding. That’s a fact, and it’s only going to increase. Why wouldn’t it? With control at the consumer’s fingertips in the comfort of their home, it’s a world of unlimited options, 24/7. Industry experts estimate that by 2024, two-thirds of apparel in the U.S. will be purchased online.

The rise of e-commerce has created a new kind of consumer who wants more variety with every click and wants it fast. This new reality is forcing brands to rethink production and turn to on-demand digital production — and textile printers who can answer the call in both speed and quality.

Direct-to-Garment On-Demand Production

Direct-to-garment (DTG) is fast, arguably the only mode of production capable of keeping pace with market demands. And with new workflow solutions that integrate Point-of-Sale, product catalogs, production floor, and shipping logistics, textile printers can now offer their clients a truly end-to-end solution aligned with the world of e-commerce.

It’s a personal world

Today’s consumers spend a lot of time on social media, inspired by celebrities, social causes, and time-sensitive events. So it’s only natural they want to purchase the t-shirt they just saw and tell the world what they’re thinking right now.

DTG lets you translate what you saw on social media just minutes ago into something you’ll be wearing by tomorrow (thank you, Amazon next-day delivery). With the push of a button, any inspiration from Etsy can appear on any garment you want; DTG printing recreates images and memes in photorealistic detail. This opens new revenue streams for individual creators and the many creative online entrepreneurs and marketplaces.

Green is the new Black

Consumers increasingly demand responsible and sustainable production practices, while brands seek to end their chronic overproduction and excess inventory problem.

DTG delivers on both fronts. By printing only what is truly needed, on-demand is the most practical solution to eliminating inventory waste, making it highly desirable for brands. Removing harmful plastisol and by-products from production and using water-based inks, DTG answers the widespread demand for sustainable, eco-friendly (low carbon footprint) practices that comply with the strictest regulations.

Driving growth, increasing margins with the hybrid model

Textile printers no longer have to choose between DTG and screen printing. With the hybrid model, they can keep their screen printing for long runs and enjoy the benefits of DTG for short runs, gaining greater operational flexibility and making every order profitable, regardless of run length.

DTG delivers superior quality, handles complex designs on multiple fabrics, and offers a wide color gamut to address the latest fashion trends.

When you can take on every job, you can capitalize on every opportunity. Waste less, and optimize every resource – labor, capital, and materials – to generate greater profit for your shop.

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