When leading edge technology and talented designers come together …

Noga Chen
August 14, 2017


Kornit is setting out to “change the way designers and manufacturers print on textile”. So in addition to manufacturing and designing the actual
printing solution, Kornit has set a goal to support young designers by introducing them to the state of the art technology available in the textile printing
industry. This, to provide them with the opportunity to experiment and design with the latest technology and print on a Kornit printer of their choice.

Kornit has sponsored annual design projects for the past several years at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel’s leading Art and Design Tertiary education institution.  This year, the Kornit-Shenkar Academic
Collaboration was run for the Swimwear Design Course for second year Fashion Design students.

Students were introduced to Kornit’s digital textile print technology which included a
guided tour of the Kornit R&D center in Rosh Haayin and explanation and demonstrations of the design and print application processes.

For their projects, each student designed their swimwear fabric which in a regular swimwear design course is not usually possible or practical.  Each student’s individual fabric was then printed on the Kornit Allegro, Kornit’s roll-to-roll printer. The Allegro is an all-in-one
digital textile printing solution for Direct-to-Fabric printing, that enables printing directly onto fabric within minutes.

Shenkar academic faculty were very pleased with the results and provided amazing feedback. Lea Perez the Head of Fashion Design at Shenkar said, “I have seen the final swimwear designs over the past 20 years. The collaboration with Kornit has elevated the level of the final outcomes significantly, more so than I have seen previously in this course.”

cooperation with Kornit allowed Shenkar to dedicate additional teaching hours to printing, investing details in terms of design and technical aspects, and enabled Shenkar to make printing a central aspect of the swimwear design

The outcome was impressive –  30 swimwear pieces produced by 16 students that speak for themselves – beautiful original designs that received praise from  Shenkar teachers, the Kornit marketing team and
Shenkar students. Well done to all involved.