When consumers shift to online shopping, eCommerce is a must-have!

Maor Yur
September 1, 2020

Online shopping offers a lot of opportunities and a tone of emotional bliss. It’s a convenient shopping experience for those who are the grab-and-go type (mostly men!), and it’s ideal for shoppers who enjoy browsing for those best results (women, for sure!). No matter the audience, all have the privilege of not leaving the house- a perfect solution these days when quarantine is transforming our shopping habits forever. 

In fact, purchasing online has become such a natural alternative for buyers as shipping arrives the next day, it is delivered to your front door, and if you change your mind about an item or if it doesn’t fit, there’re always free returns. 

Given that eCommerce retail is made to last, the time is right to take a bite of that growth potential pie and invest in tailoring a hassle-free online store, the kind that your target costumers couldn’t resist. Now, here’s another piece of advice: shoppers prefer uniquely customized deals such as holiday or birthday discounts, and unique items tailored just for them. In other words, make your shop personalized to get a competitive lead, and add a useful filtering system that will allow them to simply screen exactly what they need, quickly and easily. 

Still confused? Read further our #wearyourstory tips of advice to help build a top-notch store that will give your customers the path to express their best personality and styles.

  1. Market research- If you spend time on Instagram, Snapchat, or Pinterest, chances are you are aware of those viable fashion trends that come and go. Think of a fashion category you care about that has a growing potential. Our advice is to offer popular styles that sell well, while you continue exploring your ideas and what people are currently buying. 
  2. Think forward- According to BazaarVoice, if you want your brand to gain loyalty and trust, you better let your customers influence you the same way you influence them. By doing that, you not only welcome their advice, but you are mainly aware of their needs and wants. Ultimately, this strategy adds characteristics to your store’s name and a top rank to its site. In a nutshell, start paying attention to posts on social marketplaces as new trends can pop out of nowhere and await to be adopted! For example, Airbnb brought the concept of sharing into fashion, enabling customers to enjoy renting stylish clothes. So, if you have out-of-the-box thinking, you gain loyal customers, and above all- you gain a one-of-a-kind persona.
  3. Register your business- Choose a brand name that speaks and fits your persona. You then have to register your business and get a license. The Small Business Association site can help, plus they share valuable advice.  

As things stand out, more and more fashion merchants realize that owning an online store is an integral step of a profitable business map. Following these easy few steps, along with a proper website builder, will get your site up and running and drive store presence that shines out before you know it. 

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