When a Surreal Stream of Energy Comes Alive!

Maor Yur
January 23, 2020

Relax! Clear your mind from your daily worries and let your body fall into a deep aimless state. It feels like you are sleeping, but you’re not. It’s your dreamlike imagination slowly becoming visible. As your conscious becomes intense and bright patterns are floating in your mind, it’s time to wake up and capture those images. Years after his death, and with this outlandish technique, Salvador Dali laid the groundwork for every artist who desires to self-express his creativity. If you are grotesque or unnatural in mind, and ready to create your dreamlike images, read on because we have news for you.

Experiment your surrealistic imagination-

Salvador Dali, the father of surrealistic art, shocked the world as he expressed in his paintings that nothing isn’t too bizarre, too absurd, or too surreal to be defined with color and pigments. Over the years, his vision infused not only art but also fashion, resulting in wearable artworks, textiles, jewelry, and perfumes.

Back in the ’30s, the world of fashion was amazed when Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli turned to Dali for inspiration, creating together “The Lobster Dress” for Vogue. I guess not many people could understand or approve the combination of an evening gown with a vast sea animal illustrated on it. Luckily, that was then, and this is now when inspiration can be taken anywhere, even from hidden parts of a dream. It took a while, but Dali’s approach grew fonder and fonder with artists who thought his over-the-top surrealistic view was pure and honest. Died in 1989, Dali continues to influence the fashion industry to this day for his different look at how reality interacts with the world.

Do you question the essence of traditional things? If your surrealist perspective resembles Dali’s and waits to burst out, it’s your turn to surprise the world and express your concept of logic. The next time your skin tingles with surreal inspiration, all you need is an extraordinarily printing solution that can take you to the next level. The Kornit Presto is the only single-step solution for direct-to-fabric printing that will uncover your inner mind and turn it into a visual craft. It’s fast, on-demand, and perfectly matches your wondering imagination. With our instant technology, you can lead the way to the inner journey of your mind and merely #WEARYOURSTORY.