What Euro Championship Games Can Teach the Fashion Industry

Maor Yur
July 11, 2021

The Euro 2020 soccer championship final match between Italy and England will be played tonight, and viewers worldwide are going to watch this game to enjoy countless exciting highlights. But even if many of us are only interested in the game’s entertainment value, a few valuable lessons are delivered along the way. We’ve gathered three interesting takes for our industry to help fashion and retail businesses win a different competitive field. Rady? Let’s play! 

The Importance of Branding 

The world’s greatest football teams invest heavily in their branding to attract viewers and top talent. Just recently, Cristiano Ronaldo taught us all a lesson on branding when he casually moved a couple of Coke bottles to the side during a press conference, causing the brand’s stock to drop significantly. The seemingly little details around a brand can cause a stir, which is why perfecting a brand’s appearance is so critical. For retail and fashion fulfillers, consistently reaching high-quality results that include perfect color matching is what it’s all about. You want customers to rely on your ability to produce the best outcome time after time, garment after garment. 

Bonding Matters

Football is a team sport in every sense, and this year, we learned about the importance of team spirit when Danish player Christian Eriksen collapsed mid-game. His teammates immediately gathered around him to protect their friend’s privacy while he was being successfully treated by the medical team. This is one example of people’s ability to help each other out during difficult times. Likewise, when the pandemic hit, many retail businesses had to recalculate their route, and the support of others in the industry made all the difference. By sharing our knowledge and working together, we can lift each other and succeed.  

Great Things Are Happening Right Now in Europe

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