Goodbye pre-treatment delays – Neopigment™ single-step process is here!

Noga Chen
June 14, 2015

Are you a Direct to Garment printer looking to reduce production time and lower costs? Then, look no further! At Kornit Digital, our expert research and development team have invented the integrated pre-treatment solution just for you! And we’ve got a great new video that helps break it down… !

With Kornit Digital systems, garments go through a single, that’s right, a single process. Simply load… push… and print! The right fixation is added automatically to your garment, and with just one machine and one ink set you can print on multiple fabric types, which is better for the environment too!

So, whether you’re an entry-level printer, growing business looking to expand, or e-commerce player… remember, with pre-treatment built into the printing system itself, the advantage of not applying the pre-treatment manually is twofold: both speed (eliminating the need for external pre-treatment or preparation processes) and consistency of application across the garment!

Sound too good to be true? Then check out the clip and find out just how your business can benefit too.

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