I am excited to welcome Custom Gateway into the Kornit family. For me, this is much more than just another business transaction; this is a rare moment of convergence where two companies with shared values, vision, and culture join forces at perhaps the most critical juncture the textile and fashion industries have ever faced.

This is an exciting, yet logical step in the evolution of our journey to transform these industries on the road to sustainability. Our relationship with Custom Gateway began a few years ago, and from the get-go we had terrific chemistry and perfect alignment in our goals. We took a similar approach to our people and the understanding that they are ultimately our greatest asset, and as such we are committed to investing in and cultivating their personal and professional growth.


As consumers continue to demand a greater frequency of collections, brands are constantly seeking to keep pace and looking for ways to bring them faster and more effectively to market. While many have made great progress in adopting the on-demand mindset for the front end, the back-end, supply-facing side remains painfully behind, with some places even still using faxes to place orders.

The product development process has largely remained unchanged for the last half century and it continues to be the industry’s Achilles’ heel, causing long lead times and getting stuck with excessive inventory.

The global lockdown exposed fashion’s vulnerability across the supply chain.

Printers of all shapes and sizes have reached their day of reckoning; complex, time-consuming, and labor-intensive processes need to make way for digitized workflows and automated processes.

Closing the Gap

By joining forces with Custom Gateway, we finally have the missing piece to closing the gap between front-end digitalization and the backward back-end production mechanisms that jeopardize all the advances that have been made on the front end.

Together, We’re Better

Together, we bring unparalleled visibility and optimization across the entire workflow, from order creation to production and shipping. We’re connecting the various market players in a seamless, more centralized and up-to-the-moment approach to data, bringing yet unimagined efficiencies to the entire manufacturing process, so everyone knows where everything is at any given moment.

Custom Gateway’s platform brings to our portfolio of capabilities invaluable insights that will give our clients the agility to react to the ever-changing market dynamics and provide them with the framework and knowhow to become truly sustainable, both in terms of their footprint as well as in terms of their business model.

Perfect Positioning

With this merger, we are significantly strengthening our position at the seams where back end meets front end. Our technological capabilities have gotten a significant boost and they place us squarely on the front lines of enabling brands and retailers to adopt on-demand production models, and enabling fulfillers to streamline and scale their on-demand production environment.

“Bonding matters” once again proves to be more than just our company tagline. It is the only way to move forward, through collaborations, partnerships, and sharing a joint vision.