Time to Bond With Nature: World Environment Day at Kornit Digital

Maor Yur
June 4, 2020

Time to Bond With Nature: World Environment Day at Kornit Digital
This year’s World Environment Day has earned the slogan “Time for nature” and, like everything else in our current life, is affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Every year, The UN dedicates June 5th to discussions around the issues impacting our environment. In 2020, we are all invited by the UN Environment Program to reexamine our relationship with nature, which is always a good idea and especially during these troubled times.

Here at Kornit, we remain optimistic and remember that the time for nature is at any given moment. To help you get in the right spirit for this special day, we wanted to share a recent initiative we were proud to take part in.

Bringing sustainable self-expression to the Envision Festival
The Envision festival takes place every year in Costa Rica for the past nine years. It is a celebration of art, design, music, and of course nature. Choosing an area near the jungles of Costa Rica for a festival could be dangerous to the environment, but the Envision community is focused on celebrating nature, not harming it.

For Envision Festival 2020, which took place in February right before the health crisis forced everyone to stay indoors, Kornit Digital joined hands with Cotton Heritage, and Regatta Apparel Group (a subsidiary of Garment Gear) to produce and provide branded t-shirts that are as eco-friendly as possible. This allowed festival participants to express themselves through the clothes they wear while maintaining the sustainable spirit of the community and protecting the planet.

Check out this video covering our special project:

Stay optimistic, bond with nature
Kornit’s long-time slogan is “bonding matters” and we are constantly amazed to learn how versatile it is, and how it remains true to all kinds of circumstances. As we all learn to appreciate nature a little more after being away from it for a short while, bonding with the environment by making sustainable everyday choices is the next step.

There’s so much we can do, including choosing nature-inspired prints, creating t-shirts that carry an environmentally focused message, and above all, using sustainable production methods that take up less natural resources and create less pollution. Here’s how we do it at Kornit.

This year and on this World Environment Day, let’s take a moment to think of more ways for us to be better to ourselves, each other, and the planet.