Why Artist Merch Is Like Music to Retailers’ and Customers’ Ears

Maor Yur
November 19, 2020

The music industry was one of the verticals that took a significant hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerts were canceled, and artists currently cannot share that special bond with the audience. But art is agile, and real artists can reinvent themselves under any conditions imaginable. Perhaps that’s why we see the artist merchandise (or merch, if you wish) vertical booming right now. 

This year and despite the pandemic, music fans across the UK will celebrate the 13th National T-Shirt Day. This day was created by a BBC-owned radio station and includes music fans wearing their favorite artists’ shirts and sending photographed evidence. Music website Bandcamp reported that starting at the beginning of the outbreak, music fans spend 15X the usual amount on merchandise and online music. To give you a better understanding of this interesting phenomenon, here are three reasons why consumers choose to buy fashion items from their favorite musicians.  

Music and fashion are the strongest forms of self-expression 

Few aspects of life say something meaningful about who we are like the music we listen to and the clothes we wear. When attending concerts is impossible, we can wear our favorite music instead of singing along with the audience. Sharing our music choices with the world through fashion items is a quick and impactful form of self-expression, something consumers worldwide crave. Items may include concert T-shirts, clothes with the artist’s image, song lyrics, and more. 

Artist merch invokes nostalgia and emotions

We need positive, supportive messages now more than ever. Luckily for us and the musicians we adore, music has the power to lift our spirits. T-shirts by our favorite artists and merchandise from concerts we went to remind us of better times and bring a much-needed sense of normalcy. Artist merch brings us closer to who we are and helps change our mood for the better. 

Reconnecting through fashion  

Music shows can feel like a date with the artists we love. We purchase tickets months in advance and get excited when the day finally arrives. Without concerts, we need something else to give us that special feeling, and artist merch is precisely it. The excitement of awaiting and discovering new merchandise is similar to a new album or tour. Merchandise also allows us to support our favorite artists when performances, an essential income source, are currently unavailable. Sure, major global musicians might not need this financial support, but your favorite indie band could use a sales boost right now to keep going.  

We genuinely hope that live concerts will be back sooner than later, and we’ll be able to share musical moments together. Until then, it’s good to know that there are alternative ways to bond with artists and recreate some of the unique feelings we experience when music surrounds us. Kornit is here to help artists and music fans connect through beautifully printed items. Our technology allows retailers to meet any volume and speed market demands, making sure you’re always on beat.  To learn more about our advanced systems and ink sets, contact Kornit’s textile printing experts