This Year, Enjoy a Waste-Free Shopping Celebration

Maor Yur
November 30, 2020

November is well known as the sales month, and not even a pandemic can stop the shopping celebration of Singles’ Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. With special promotions and stunning collections, it almost seems like the perfect deal. The only thing that might rain on this eCommerce parade is that fast fashion often leads to wasted materials and items that harm the environment instead of making customers happy. To help you avoid this preventable side effect, here are four tips for eco-friendly retailers. 

Take advantage of the transition to digital

Due to current conditions, we can expect to see the majority of shopping taking place online. This trend has been growing over the years and is set to explode in 2020. The reasons include local regulations that could keep stores closed in many regions worldwide; the need to maintain social distancing and hygiene recommendations; and the fact that many consumers finally discovered the magic of online shopping during the outbreak. This new approach favors retailers, as they no longer have to keep stocks available for mass purchases. A user-friendly online shopping experience is all you need, so focus your efforts on eCommerce, and you’ll win on all fronts.  

Give them (only) what they want 

On-demand shopping is the name of the game, and once again, the online arena makes it possible. With a speedy production line, you can make the clothes after they’re purchased and never worry about wasted stocks again. Many customers get in the holiday shopping spirit and forget about their wish list the next day. Don’t try to guess how many items you should produce and print, and just wait for customers to tell you. The materials you save will be perfect for your next collection. Remember that you need super-fast printing systems that can handle different production volumes and Kornit’s signature single-step printing process. 

Make a statement

If you’re a retailer who cares about the environment as much as we do, that’s something to be proud of. Make your eco-conscious approach known to customers because they, too, will appreciate it. Studies show that almost 70% of North American shoppers prefer eco-friendly brands and British shoppers feel the same way. This means that your efforts can also boost sales quite a bit. Consider including messages on your website to let customers know that they’re buying from a waste-minimizing retailer. Share the fact that the ink sets and printing procedures you use are sustainable, and print environmentally friendly messages on the clothes you sell. November sales will fade away quickly, but the statements you make will leave a lasting impression. 

Enable On-Demand production 

The past year has been nothing short of tumultuous, and both retailers and shoppers could use a stress-free shopping experience. On-demand production decreases waste and stress. Custom Gateway’s on-demand workflow solution offers full autonomy and transparency throughout the entire process, from product creation to product onboarding and delivery. 

This tried and tested solution ensures manufacturers that their factory workflow is in safe hands. The cloud-based solution solves many factory mismanagement issues using smart automation. It reduces the business risks of holding warehouses full of stock that may move slowly or simply not sell. The stock remains virtual until it goes into production, helping retailers improve conversions and bring new products to market when and where they are needed. To learn more about the potential of this end-to-end workflow, reach out to Custom Gateway directly. With the right approach and technology, there’s no reason for the famous November shopping sprees to be a 100% positive experience for retailers, customers, and the planet. If you made an effort to minimize waste and pollution, share your journey with Kornit. If you want to achieve this goal, we’re here to help. We’d love to hear from fellow sustainability promoters.