This is ITMA: Kornit’s vision comes to life at ITMA 2019

Nogah Senecky
July 17, 2019

It’s hard to decide which is a more difficult task: preparing for ITMA 2019 or trying to summarize it. What promised to be the biggest event in textile printing has lived up to its promise and beyond, and while it is impossible to cover every moment of this monumental week, here are a few of ITMA’s highlights.

See for yourself
Discussing the future of digital textile printing is great, but experiencing it firsthand has a much bigger impact. When preparing for ITMA 2019, it was important to everyone here at Kornit that visitors will receive the most realistic experience possible, a goal we’ve managed to achieve in different ways, including the followings:

  • Our live demos were open to everyone and demonstrated the power of our latest innovations: The Kornit Poly Pro, Kornit Atlas, Kornit Storm HD, Kornit Presto, and more. We were happy to show our systems in action non-stop, throughout the entire event.
  • We used advanced and entertaining VR technology to give visitors the insider’s view of the complete direct-to-fabric production process.
  • Visitozrs were invited to test application samples and see how each fabric behaves in terms of flexibility, air permeability, screen vs. digital, pallets, print size, and more. It was so much fun to seethe crowd experiment with these samples!
  • We’ve created the shop of the future and invited visitors to tour and experience it the same way their end customers would.

Through these and other concepts, the visitors of ITMA 2019 could stop guessing how Kornit’s products can benefit their business and start seeing it with their own eyes.

Bonding matters
An event such as ITMA offers a great way to bond as an industry and network with the leaders of digital textile printing. We were more than happy to exchange ideas with visitors who stopped by our booth and get their immediate feedback when presenting our latest innovations.
Another type of bonding was evident in Kornit’s products, such as the Kornit Konnect. The new analytics tool allowed visitors to see how the data behind their every action is collected and analyzed to connect the dots and form a more efficient workflow.
And finally, we bonded with Adidas at ITMA and collaborated to demonstrate the live production of sports items using the Kornit Atlas and Avalanche Poly Pro. We could not be prouder to have such a brilliant partner on our side and we’re happy to show the world how two leading companies join hands to create textile magic together.

ITMA by numbers
When we think of everything that we’ve accomplished at ITMA, it’s hard to believe that it only lasted for one week. To give you a taste of the event’s magnitude and impact, here are a few interesting facts:

  • The event drew approximately 120,000 visitors from 147 countries.
  • We’ve demonstrated 4 brand new digital textile printing solutions and performed 250 live demos.
  • 40 rolls of fabric were used to demonstrate 70 application designs.
  • Our team created 10 new videos and conducted 21 live educational shows.

What cannot be counted or measured is the number of exciting reactions, smiles and ‘aha’ moments by visitors who joined us on this wonderful journey called ITMA 2019. And now, if you’ll excuse us, it’s time to take a deep breath and start preparing for our next milestone. Stay tuned!