The K.DAYS of Summer Are Here: Learn Why On-Demand Is Now in Fashion

Robert Zoch
June 30, 2021


If you’re like us and believe fashion and textiles are best seen in person—their qualities not only described but seen up close, their textures felt by touch—these past 16 months have been quite difficult, for reasons beyond the social and economic. We seek expression. We seek color in our lives. We seek brilliance around which we can wrap our arms.

That is why Kornit is welcoming its family of customers, those who are considering joining us, and those who may simply want to know more about the possibilities to join us July 6-7 for K.DAYS, in which we’re presenting not only our revolutionary new Atlas MAX technology raising the bar for what one DTG system can offer your business plan but also our entirely-refurbished Kornit Digital EMEA experience center.

We’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Kornit 4.0, and can’t wait to show how our partnership can generate clear, immediate growth opportunities in your operations—from your online store, to establishing transparency across your organization, to maximizing profits from every order, to getting that finished piece into your customer’s hands as quickly as possible. Take the chance to engage with our top management, print peers, and get insights from industry experts.

Can’t join us in Dusseldorf? We’re also hosting satellite events at partner sites in the United Kingdom, France, and Italy, in addition to livestreaming the main event online for your convenience.

Whether you’re with us in person or virtually, you’ll gain valuable new insights on:

  • Kornitx, our new on-demand fulfillment ecosystem dedicated to making fashion more accessible, more eco-friendly, and more responsive to the needs, challenges, and values of today’s web-based consumer.
  • How businesses like yours are diversifying their product catalogs, delivering retail quality and durability, and implementing more responsible production processes, while profiting and growing with every order.
  • How Kornit technology offers a reliable cornerstone for “micro-factory” production models, enabling decorators to design, print, cut, and sew pieces in one location, enabling proximity production and streamlined supply chains.


Furthermore, our product specialists will be on hand to demonstrate these systems and answer your questions about how best to integrate single-step DTG into your production strategy, simulating processes such as embroidery and dye sublimation with waste-free Kornit Atlas MAX, building an ROI business case for adopting Kornit technology, and expanding your revenue channels to safeguard your business against the next unforeseen market disruption.