The Greenest Fashion Week Ever

Michal Arbel
April 7, 2021


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No bottles of champagnes, no plastic cups, napkins or stirrers were needed for the 2021 Tel Aviv’s Kornit Fashion Week. In fact, for these shows that featured designs from the most iconic Israeli fashion houses, there was no need this year to send well- designed invitations to the guests, nor taxies for reporters or media influencers. This wasn’t due to a slim budget.

Apparently, covid19 also has a few positive side effects, some of which were already reflected in the recent Tel Aviv Fashion Week, held for the first time with no live audience and broadcasted on channel 13.  Although the principle purpose of holding shows with no live audience was adhering to the Ministry of Health restrictions, the significant positive environmental impact of this event was enormous. “If we do the simple math, in a traditional Tel Aviv fashion week we usually host about 30,000 guests in the course of the whole week”, says Daniela Bassal, Head of Production for the Tel Aviv Fashion Week. “That means providing reception bar services with food and drinks, hiring team of workers for the bar services, sending taxies to the important guests, not to mention the special enormous tents that have to be set up for the shows, just for a few days of use. This year, besides the fact that there was no live audience, we even used exciting spaces in The Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv for the shows, enjoying the natural light in daytime, which meant that we needed less props lighting. We also needed fewer led screens than usual, and these are considered to be huge energy consumers”.   

According to Harpers Bazzar, the sheer volume and scale of Fashion Month has a big impact on our planet. A report published by Zero to Market stated that around 241,000 tons of CO2 (enough to power Times Square for 58 years) are emitted during the four weeks of the international shows. New York Fashion Week accounts for 37 per cent of that alone. Although Tel Aviv Fashion Week is recently gaining a lot of attention, it cannot yet be compared to one of the most important events in the fashion world, the New York Fashion Week, and the impact it has. And yet, the decision to spread around various fashion stories in an environmentally-friendly manner is becoming more and more popular and has already earned these fashion shows the title ‘Carbon Neutral shows’.

“As a company that regards sustainability as a core value, Kornit Digital is happy to lead these great changes in the fashion industry”, says Adi May, Director of Brand & Sustainability in Kornit Digital. ” It’s Important to us to encourage young designers to tell their stories in a sustainable way”. Want to read more about the fashion week? Click here for more stories