The Game Room: 10 Thoughts on Gamification and Home Décor

Nogah Senecky
January 30, 2023

International Lego Day gives us the perfect excuse to examine the influence of games on the Home Décor field. When we began researching for this article, we were amazed to discover the many ways gaming can impact and be impacted by the spaces we live in. Here are our chosen top 10:


  1. Free-form games enhance creativity: Some of the world’s biggest designers were and perhaps still are inspired by classic games. Research finds that free-building from a pile of mismatched LEGO bricks, for instance, is a great way to boost creativity.


  1. Gamers invest in what they love: In 2021, this particular group spent  $60.4 billion on games and $2.7 billion on accessories. Providing the ideal Home Décor elements makes perfect business sense. Home Décor accessories may include special gaming chairs, optimized lighting, sound design, and other elements that enhance the gaming experience.  


  1. People want their space to represent their hobbies: Game-themed Home Décor may include items that turn LEGO bricks and Minecraft building blocks into real-life, daily objects. LEGO offers wall art made of bricks, for example. Printed items like curtains and wall stickers with elements from the game are also a big hit. 


  1. LEGO inspired the modular design concept: Modular design enables people to adjust and transform their space easily. Quick, on-demand textile printing solutions also answer that need and provide people with instantly printed items to match their current mood and requirements. 


  1. Gamifying the design process can do wonders: Design challenges like completing a room within 48 hours, under a strict budget, or using only recycled materials are always fun. Designers also love sharing the latest outcome with their online community. Design is a fun game if you want it to be, turning a stressful experience into an entertaining one. Once again, many of these challenges call for fast, high-quality solutions in every Home Décor department, including textile. 


  1. People love designing virtual spaces: Some of the world’s most popular apps and games invite users to design a virtual space and submit their designs for people’s review. Even games that do not focus on interior design allow players to personalize their in-game world, proving once again how vital self-expression and customization are. Digital printing solutions can turn these online designs into real Home Décor accessories fast enough to catch the latest trend. 


  1. When games change, they also change our homes: Kids with plenty of toys and games need specific storage solutions. Later in life, hard-core gamers may need a dedicated space for VR games that require movement. The games we play dictate the Home Décor decisions we make. Technologies like Kornit’s Presto MAX allow businesses to move fast and keep up with the market, with a wide range of high-quality, on-demand, direct-to-fabric decorations.  


  1. AR further gamifies interior design: Augmented reality is an incredible Home Décor tool. Virtually placing a piece of furniture within our room without having to purchase it is game-changing (pun intended!). Ikea, for example, gives shoppers a way to design entire rooms using the company’s app. 


  1. Mobile games have changed Home Décor: First, they created a massive target audience of casual gamers who want gaming-inspired elements in their homes. Second, they took digital games outside and made everything on this list relevant to outdoor spaces. 


  1. Durability is always the name of the game: Gamers are willing to pay extra for elements that suit their lifestyle because high-quality items last longer and put their mind at ease. Designing and printing items that will be a part of people’s homes means they must endure daily use and the occasional spill. Creating washable, durable prints that remain stunning over time is critical. 


If you want to win the Home Décor game, making these factors a part of your business plan is a must. For on-demand, durable Home Décor items, talk to Kornit’s experts and start printing gamers’ favorite pieces.