The Fine Line Between Fashion & Tech

Maor Yur
October 25, 2021


There is perhaps no better venue in the world than Kornit Fashion Week LA (nov 2-5) to show what happens when fashion meets technology. The first ever of its kind event where all collections were manufactured with sustainable, on-demand technologies.

The designers, some of the world’s most innovative and daring, came to see on-demand technology for what it truly is — an enabler of endless creativity, as well as a platform to bring their designs from concept to catwalk with lightning speed.

Digging a bit deeper, these same technologies can also bring designs to market much faster, and more democratically — eliminating the need to manufacture long runs and ship halfway around the world. In fact, all the collections at Fashion Week were manufactured locally, literally a few miles from the catwalk where they will be seen for the time ever.

As Kornit seeks to affect real change within the fashion industry, providing the new operating system of the industry, it’s quite an accomplishment getting these top designers to lead the way and show what’s possible — both in terms of environmentally-friendly, zero water waste, toxin free production, as well as re-imagining the future supply chain and eliminating the waste that comes with over-production.

This is fully aligned with the desires and expectations of today’s “new” consumer who demands to know where and how their apparel is produced and either holds brands accountable or rewards them with loyalty. 

Kornit Fashion Week LA also provides a glimpse of the future as Kornit unveils its latest and most innovative and sustainable systems to date; the Direct-to-Garment Atlas MAX and the Roll-to-Roll Presto MAX, both of which are powered by Kornit’s MAX technology.

The Atlas MAX delivers unparalleled consistency at the highest quality, creating a smoother workflow, optimizing your resources, while opening new doors of opportunity and significant business growth.

With Kornit’s XDi 3D technology, textile producers now have unparalleled creative capabilities such as threadless embroidery, high-density, vinyl, and screen transfer effects to address the latest trends in fashion and sportswear. 

The Presto Max provides a seamless end-to-end, single step solution that radically streamlines the entire production process. With greater application range, durability, and quality, as well as the ability to print white on colored fabrics for the first time ever, the Presto is seriously changing the game. With its ability to print neons, the Presto is enabling textile producers to now reach new markets of fashion, including swimwear, beachwear, and sportswear.

We are very excited about Kornit Fashion Week LA and look forward to either seeing you there in person or having you follow us live on our different social media channels. We couldn’t think of any better way to practice what we preach