The Father Of Fashion Creates A Perfect Match Of Fabric Texture And Design

Maor Yur
April 12, 2021

This year, for the first time ever, Kornit and veteran Israeli fashion icon and producer Moti Reif joined forces in Kornit Fashion Week Tel-Aviv 2021 to put the spotlight on sustainability.

The high-profile event, Israel’s annual celebration of high fashion, revolved this year on local designers who were invited to create collections using Kornit’s on-demand, eco-friendly (production) technologies.

Sasson Kedem one of Israel’s founding fathers of fashion, brings to Fashion Week TLV a collection that is inspired by the body’s natural choreography, a theme he continues to explore for more than a quarter of a decade.

Working with Kornit’s Direct-to-Fabric technologies, Kedem created a stunning limited-run collection in a short time, using only locally sourced materials.

“The textile industry is, unfortunately, one of the most polluting industries in the world. It excites me to no end knowing that Kornit is so eco-friendly and non-toxic”