The FashionTech Event of the Year

Maor Yur
October 31, 2021


Everything is all set and ready to go for Kornit Fashion Week LA to take the fashion world by storm. This year’s event will showcase a mix of some of the world’s top designers alongside the latest, most innovative digital on-demand technologies that are driving the fashion industry’s shift to sustainability.

What makes this event stand out is that it is actually comprised of 3 separate events that comprise an entire journey; from concept to catwalk, and from catwalk to consumer — all providing unparalleled access to Kornit’s latest technologies, including the unveiling of the new direct-to-garment Atlas MAX, and Roll-to-Roll Presto MAX systems, both powered by the game-changing MAX technology. 

The focus of the 3-day event will naturally be on sustainable, on-demand production — shifting from a fast-fashion mindset to an extraordinary fashion one.

Most Kornit leadership will be there as well, hosting a number of invite-only cocktail parties, panels, behind-the-scene and making-of events — all of which will be a great opportunity to witness firsthand how the technology and new systems work, but also diving deeper into the business implications and opportunities the new digital era brings to brands, fulfillers and independent designers — from shortening the production cycles to ways to respond to consumer demand for greater speed and variety.

From a brand perspective, Kornit will present its vision on how to tackle the industry’s greatest challenge – overcoming the chronic excess inventory problem, and how the rise of eCommerce and the latest digital printing technologies can not only open new revenue channels, but also solve that age-old problem, not to mention taking concepts from creative inspiration to repeatable finished pieces in mere hours.

Kornit Fashion Week LA will also feature a visit to DenimFWD, a newly-transformed Digital Urban Factory that was once a thriving analog factory – showcasing the ease, and impact, of digital transformation, touching upon such major themes as nearshoring, and connecting global brands with local fulfillers who produce sometimes literally right across the street from the end consumer.

The event will be held between November 2-5, and in addition to providing a ton of inspiration, information and excitement, it will provide a tremendous opportunity for networking and meeting the industry’s movers and shakers, close a few deals and enjoy a few cocktails. What more could you ask for?

Hope to see you there >>