The Brightest (C O L O R S) are yet to come

Noga Chen
December 22, 2017

Enter Spring 2018 – Fashion and Décor have never looked brighter – On the runway and in the home colors are all the rage.

Fashions keep coming back. While bright colors are constantly on the runway, we took a peek at what’s in store for spring 2018, and found that designers are turning to neon, fluorescent and day-glo colors in the brightest pinks, greens and yellows. According to Fashionista online magazine ” Day-Glo and Neon Colors are Making a Comeback for Spring 2018″


Neon colors have been around for a few decades. They were a big hit in the 80’s but came back a few years ago for active wear and sportswear as a fad that has since not yet “fadded” out.  It seems that this spring they’re making a comeback as a fashion trend too.


With the vibrant, vivacity of the colors, the application possibilities are wide and
interesting – Neon colors are definitely having an impact on what people are buying. It’s no surprise that Neon in various forms is here to stay.

What does that mean for retailers who plan to stock garments
with neon prints for the next season? Keeping up with fast trends means that you need to keep stocks lean, with the best option of printing on demand. Digital textile printing is the only way to print minimum quantities, keep your inventory lean and speed up the supply chain to make sure you’re offering exactly what people want, when they want it.

Until recently Neon colors were
not supported by digital printers. The Kornit Allegro, Kornit’s Digital Direct-to-Fabric printer, prints Neon spot colors and the neon inks enhance the vivacity and
vibrancy of colors to give more application possibilities.


The Allegro is ideal for:

Customized products and short runs – print small quantities from just 1 meter.

Printing with a wide color gamut that now includes Neon colors

Printing locally – The Allegro’s inline printing process simplifies the entire process – a seamless and efficicient Direct-to-Fabric process that completely eliminates pre-treatment.

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