The Best of Both Worlds: Why BOPIS Is Trending Worldwide

Maor Yur
January 14, 2021

Buy Online, Pick up In-Store (BOPIS), also known as Click and collect, is the mesh-up of online shopping and brick and mortar retail. It brings together some of these options’ best qualities, forming a third winning path. Here’s why it’s becoming such a sensation lately, from the perspectives of retailers, customers, and even the environment. 

Why retailers love it

A recent survey found that almost 90% of retailers consider BOPIS today’s default delivery method. For businesses, the ability to be available to customers everywhere, regardless of business hours or staff availability, is like magic. Doing so without having to manage a delivery fleet and the customer support needs that accompany it is even better. 

BOPIS also enables on-demand manufacturing that can easily be managed by assigning specific pick-up times based on the retailer’s production capacity. In today’s retail world, flexibility is the name of the game, and BOPIS offers an abundance of it. To allow true on-demand manufacturing, retailers must also make sure that their printing systems are able to handle different production volumes. If you’re not sure which printer best suits your new business needs, that’s what Kornit’s experts are here for. 

Why customers adore it

Customers have plenty of reasons to opt for BOPIS as well, which is why 70% of US shoppers have tried this option more than once. Shoppers enjoy being able to purchase online at any hour of the day, browse the digital store for hours on end, but still be able to see the product before it reaches their home, or speak to a store manager if necessary. 

BOPIS feels more “real” and substantial for customers who still find it hard to trust 100% virtual businesses. It takes away the nerve-wracking experience of waiting for a package to arrive and having to be home when it does.  

Why it’s perfect right now

During the COVID-19 pandemic, BOPIS offers an in-between option that keeps customers safe while still bringing a little sense of normalcy thanks to the short-and-sweet store visit. With stores opening and closing based on recent regulations, customers may feel more comfortable choosing this alternative. 

Last but most certainly not least, the rising focus on sustainability makes customers uncomfortable with the alarming amount of waste created by home delivery. Studies find that the delivery frenzy caused by the pandemic leads to an increase in plastic pollution, and we should all pay attention. Store pick-up removes a great deal of the need for special packaging and is more eco-friendly. 

Lately, it seems like every trick in the book is available for retailers. Customers are more open-minded than ever, and businesses should offer them multiple purchasing and delivery options to make the most out of every opportunity.    

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