The Atlas MAX Poly Is Providing Custom Apparel for Athletes at Any Level

Nogah Senecky
October 13, 2022

Today, more and more people are taking a closer look at their health and how they can incorporate new habits and hobbies into their lives to take fitness to the next level. For many, that means competing in a wide range of athletic events and amateur sports.

For the best experience, they need the best gear. The rising demand has caused the market for on-demand, custom-made athletic wear to rise to over $37 billion. Kornit is providing fitness enthusiasts and amateur athletes with comfortable, affordable, and fashionable athletic wear with the introduction of our new Atlas MAX Poly polyester printer.

Why Demand for Custom Polyester Athletic Wear Is on the Rise

Professional athletes in the NBA and the NFL don’t have to worry about where they’re going to find affordable and fashionable uniforms. However, this is an area of concern for everyday people and amateur athletes competing in cycling, marathons, and other events where they have to find their own way.

There are plenty of off-the-shelf solutions available, but this doesn’t provide the customization that these competitors are looking for. They want their name, their colors, and their custom designs on their athletic wear. Other custom athletic wear solutions have been expensive and slow.

Designs would have to be finalized weeks or months in advance, making it hard for competitors to keep up with trends. These conventional options were also limited in their design capabilities and often compromised on quality as well.

Whether you’re competing in the Maccabiah Games or other national multi-sport events, the Tour de France, or a local marathon, there’s no reason why you should need to compromise on your apparel. Existing solutions like heat transfer vinyl, screen printing, and sublimation each carry serious downsides, whether due to price, lack of customization, or other restrictions.

Kornit is now making it possible for athletes at any level to access high-quality polyester apparel with custom designs, thanks to the new Atlas MAX Poly.

The Capabilities of the Atlas MAX Poly

Like Kornit’s other printing technologies, the Atlas MAX Poly is an innovative new printer that provides sustainable on-demand direct-to-garment printing. This newest advancement makes the same advantages that Kornit already provides for other fabrics possible for polyester apparel.

The Atlas MAX Poly achieves exceptional quality in polyester printing for both light and dark polyester. Both dye migration and post-dryer cracking are mitigated, and the fabric retains a soft feeling even with heavy prints.

The versatility of the Atlas MAX Poly makes it suitable for an extensive range of polyester apparel. Simple name and number designs are a breeze, and team logos can be incorporated without trouble. Beyond that, the Atlas MAX Poly makes semi-gradients and even photorealistic printing a possibility on polyester.

Athletes at every level can enjoy the full range of customization offered by prints from the Atlas MAX Poly. A full range of colors is available, including Kornit’s vibrant neon inks that deliver stunning brightness that can’t be achieved with any other printing technique. This is particularly popular among cyclists who want a look that truly stands out, whether at the Tour de France or on their own city streets.

The Atlas MAX Poly also supports Kornit XDi, the revolutionary 3D texture printing technique. This can create incredible designs and produce the same look and feel as vinyl transfers for premium name and number designs.

Altogether, the wide range of exceptional design features and consistently high-quality delivered by the Atlas MAX Poly makes it the best option for custom polyester athletic wear on the market today.

Easy-to-Use and Economical for Producers at Any Scale

Designers and suppliers looking to add custom polyester to their lineups can integrate the Atlas MAX Poly into their business incredibly easily. The single-step process requires no pretreatment, capable of producing up to 90 garments per hour with just one operator.

The Atlas MAX Poly also integrates seamlessly with KornitX, our comprehensive end-to-end workflow solution. You can streamline workflows and provide more value to your customers with Kornit’s help.

The Atlas MAX Poly is set to make major changes in the way the world sees custom polyester apparel. For any designer or supplier, it can be just what they need to find their competitive edge in this rapidly growing market.