Ten Fabrics That Will Optimize Your Textile Production Capabilities  

Maor Yur
March 15, 2022


Fabric and style go hand in hand. Because after all, fabric is everywhere in our lives. We wear it, we wrap ourselves in it, and we decorate our home with it. And if it’s going to be everywhere, it might as well look stunning.  

But until now, printing on fabric has been complex with a need for pre-treatment and post-treatment, a limited range of fabrics on which it is possible to print, and printing white on dark fabric. But with Kornit’s new Presto MAX, all that is in the past. The revolution of direct-to-fabric printing is here, and you won’t believe your eyes!



Here are 10 fabrics that will inspire you to dream about endless design possibilities:

1. 100% Silk Crepe Georgette

If you have ever worked with silk crepe georgette you know how delicate, light and airy it is. Whoever thought that printing on it could be a possibility? Whether for fashion or home décor, the Kornit Presto MAX gives you unbelievable capabilities for unlimited creative design.  

2. 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane Knit

If you print activewear designs or work with fabrics that require durability, neon colors are about to make your creations more fun, bold and electric!

3. 100% Recycled Cotton Denim

Sustainability is more important to your business than ever before. With the new Presto MAX you can act sustainably while revolutionizing recycled cotton denim by turning it into wearable art. By printing white on dark fabric, you can transform fabric into fashion with ease, and add it to your offerings.

4. 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane Baby Drill

Great designs start with great fabrics. Go ahead and create more offerings for both home décor and fashion. Whatever your style, this versatile fabric is perfect for punchy patterns and sharp designs. Print napkins to match tablecloths and cushions to match drapes. Possibility and profitability are endless. 

5. 100% Polyester Satin

Want to create custom bedsheets to match sexy lingerie? With Presto MAX, you can do it all. Now cutting-edge design meets soft and sleek fabric with the ease of risk-free printing. Meet client needs and be profitable from the very first run.

6. 100% Nylon Plain Weave

Beat your competition with bold patterns on durable and weather resistant fabric. Activewear that people love to wear. What else can you ask for? Fun designs on fabulous fabrics are a winning combination!

7.  100% Viscose Plain Weave

Environmentally friendly fashion. Finally. Select natural, plant-based viscose for fashion forward customers who seek a sustainable, lightweight and colorfast fabric. Offer exceptional printing possibilities without sacrificing sustainability or profit margins.

8. 100% Cotton

Anything goes. Any design. Any color. Any trend. Fashion or home décor. It’s up to you to decide. Self-expression can go a long way with cotton. It’s durable and comfortable. It’s just natural to use this great fabric for great designs.  

9. 100% Cotton Drill

You can do it!  Print white on dark fabrics, and offer a whole new world of possibilities. Creative designers can now combine practicality and durability. Kornit Presto MAX allows you to offer custom printed designs and logos on dark casual wear, and durable uniforms that survive the workplace and the wash. Quick printing capabilities allow your business to move in the right direction keeping costs down and profits up!

10. 100% Silk Crepe Georgette

The future of fabric is here! Experiment with exciting techniques including threadless embroidery on vinyl and high-density fabrics that add dimension to textiles without the high cost of old-world artistry. Embrace the Presto MAX’s new technology with easy-to-use 3D printing.

Kornit’s Presto MAX opens a new world of creative possibilities. With so many more options, you can increase your offerings and your margins, and expand to new markets. As you simplify production, you’ll improve your printing results and increase revenue. All of a sudden, growing your business seems hassle free.

Want to join the on-demand printing revolution and print on any fabric? Schedule a demo.