Tayprint Replaces Screen Printing with Kornit Digital Production on Demand

Sharon Donovich
April 6, 2021

Screens were no longer economical, and Kornit provided the reliable, robust solution and support we needed.”

United Kingdom-based Tayprint implemented the Kornit Avalanche HD6 system for efficient, versatile direct-to-garment (DTG) apparel production on demand, effectively replacing the use of screen printing within their operation. Avalanche HD6 reduces their cost per print while making short runs profitable, eliminating inventory and resource waste, speeding production, and ensuring nearly unlimited design capabilities, applied to a broad array of materials, using a single eco-friendly ink set.

While Tayprint predominantly serves as a provider of large-format digital printing, delivering approximately 500,000 square metres of imprinted product annually, they had established a screen-printing operation, as well, generating roughly £200,000 in t-shirt sales per year. Screens provided a strong profit channel, but offered limited growth potential, as order volumes were shrinking, customers demanded quick turnaround, graphic capabilities were limited, and setting up was a drain on both labour and materials. Each of these drawbacks are addressed by Kornit’s on-demand digital production technology, which enables suppliers to imprint apparel in any quantity, using a single-step process, completing the process in mere minutes.

“Screens were no longer economical, and Kornit provided the reliable, robust solution and support we needed,” says James Miller, General Manager at Tayprint. “The finished garment has terrific hand feel, for a better product that’s easy to sell to our customers. With this fast, efficient digital technology in place, we expect to expand this part of our business, and have produced a model to integrate with online business startups, which would’ve been a poor fit for screen-based print operations.”

“Today’s consumers are increasingly thinking and operating in digital terms, and it’s on suppliers to evolve and meet their demands using digital means,” says Chris Govier, KDEU Managing Director. “Screens will always have their place, suited to bulk orders of graphically simple products, but producers need a capability for on-demand production at the speed of digital, which is what Kornit provides. Tayprint is clearly intent on growing their business by giving the market what it demands, and we have no doubt they will succeed.”