Shapes and Sizes: The Challenge of Remote Fitting

Maor Yur
February 22, 2021

The eCommerce world is moving forward incredibly fast, and better production, marketing, and delivery methods are created all the time. But many innovations hit a wall when the time comes for consumers to wear an online-ordered outfit only to discover that it simply doesn’t fit. 

Fitting issues are the number one reason for product returns, which cost companies a great deal of money and discourage customers from ordering more from the same brand, or any brand. Solving the remote fitting challenge is considered a holy grail of fashion eCommerce, and companies approach it from different angles. Here are a few options to inspire you, so keep reading to find the perfect fit (pun 100% intended).

Turn to your community for advice

Catch two birds with one great online shopping journey and ask customers to share their experiences with others. Have them include images and size information, and shoppers will be able to find their size twin and order clothes that match them both. A great example can be found on ModCloth’s website, where shoppers share all the necessary (and unnecessary but fun) details to help others find the perfect outfit. You can also check Sizer, for the perfect contact-free fitting solution.

Brands that choose the community-based approach can minimize shoppers’ frustration while boosting engagement rates. What could be better? Well, there are a couple of downfalls to consider; first, you must first build a thriving community for this method to work; and second, even after sharing specific measurements, people’s bodies are still different in ways that could affect the end result. 

Virtual fitting calls for virtual measures

Members of the online retail industry were excited to hear about Amazon’s latest initiative, which invites online shoppers to participate in the company’s remote fitting efforts. The “Made for You” project asks participants to send photos and measurements to build an online database that will help shoppers worldwide. Those who will choose to participate in this initiative will get a free T-shirt and a place in retail history.

Other tech-based options include mobile-scanning of shoppers’ figures like the technology offered by Sizer, and in-store full-body scanners that serve as in-store virtual fitting rooms and can be used remotely. You know how much we love technology, and this is a great approach, just as long as users’ online data is kept safe and secure. 

Other factors can further enhance the online experience. For example, by combining virtual fitting and on-demand production, shoppers can order any outfit online, and it will be tailor-made to fit them perfectly. As we expand the eCommerce world and invite more brands to join, our favorite clothes will be available online anytime and fit us like a glove. It’s exciting to see the many advancements in our field and know that the digital commerce experience continues to evolve and improve. With the help of innovative technology, remote shopping brings us closer to customers.