See How Haute Couture Is Created With Direct-to-fabric Technologies

Maor Yur
April 12, 2021

This year, for the first time ever, Kornit and veteran Israeli fashion icon and producer Moti Reif joined forces in Kornit Fashion Week Tel-Aviv 2021 to put the spotlight on sustainability.

The high-profile event, Israel’s annual celebration of high fashion, revolved this year on local designers who were invited to create collections using Kornit’s on-demand, eco-friendly (production) technologies.

4 years ago Shahar Avnet launched her independent fashion brand at Paris Fashion Week. Since then, her designs have been sold across the globe, from Japan to L.A, from Taiwan to Tel-Aviv. 

Shahar Avnet’s designs demonstrate her artistic talent and unique outlook. On the designer’s website, her brand is described as “multi-seasonal and dynamic to reflect the diverse and constantly changing world of fashion,” a short phrase that says it all and is embodied in her collection for Fashion Week. 

We were proud to showcase Shahar’s colorful, glamorous design at Kornit Fashion Week Tel-Aviv’s opening gala. The connection between Kornit and Shahar’s creations became even stronger as we learned about the following shared values at the base of her work. 

“As a designer who seeks to grow her online business, on-demand presents fascinating opportunities for endless design, limited collections and not needing to hold on to excess inventory.”