Screenworks Achieves Lean Manufacturing, Superior Quality with Kornit Digital

Robert Zoch
February 11, 2021

Based in the UK, Screenworks provides specialist screen printing, embroidery, digital and direct-to-garment printing. Tasked with providing its customers with a broad range of custom products at a moment’s notice, without regard for quantities but with high regard for responsible, eco-friendly production processes, the business chose to implement Kornit DTG technology in late 2020.

“Investing in the Avalanche HD6 from Kornit Digital, the leading provider of digital industrial DTG printing solutions, the Screenworks team are excited to be able to leverage the full benefits of garment customisation/personalisation.”

“Since the installation of our Kornit Avalanche HD6, we have quickly seen the versatility it gives us on DTG while maintaining a fantastic quality of print,” says Alan Porter, Operations Director at Screenworks.

In addition to providing Screenworks the capabilities it needs to deliver the quality its customers demand, Kornit aligns well with their operational needs, making their end-to-end process more efficient and enabling the digital transformation necessary to be agile on demand.

“This is in line with our automation drive for a manufacturing system which gives us real-time reporting on production lines,” says Porter. “This in turn has increased our flexibility of delivering any size MOQs to our client base with a lean manufacturing option if it’s required at a high standard.”

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