Screen Vs. Digital: 5 Key Factors to Consider

Noga Chen
March 28, 2016

Before taking the leap, we’ve come up with the right formula to help you decide whether going digital is the right solution for your business!

If you are a screen printer looking to offer customisation or small runs, then you’ll know all about the fixed set-up costs incurred before even producing a single t-shirt! Ultimately, it costs time and money. So, how can you determine if direct-to-garment digital printing is for you?

We’ve come up with five key factors for consideration before taking the leap, in our concise and user-friendly e-guide: “Screen Printing Vs. Digital: 5 Key Factors to Consider.

Here, we discuss calculating your ROI for analogue and again for digital, we compare space, storage and setup; run lengths, global detox regulations, and even how you can have the advantage over market competition.

No matter what the outcome, we’re here to help you make the right choice for your business. Sign up for your FREE copy of “Screen Printing Vs. Digital: 5 Key Factors to Consider.”

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