Screen printing holding you back? Push forward with digital

Noga Chen
January 12, 2015

Are you considering taking your textiles printing business into the digital market but don’t know how? WORLD OF TEXTILES leads by example, combining screen-printing with digital using their add-on Kornit Paradigm II solution.

With the catchphrase “everything under one roof,” German-based textiles specialists WORLD OF TEXTILES have been leaders in European textiles for over 90 years…and they know exactly how to drive their business forward into the modern market. The secret to their success? Combining creativity with the newest technologies. Now WORLD OF TEXTILES is able to meet the demands of the changing textiles industry.

How? By teaming up with Kornit Digital and integrating two Kornit Paradigm II DTG printers into their production workflow, enabling them to adapt easily and cost-effectively to digital printing and also customer needs.

To learn more about WORLD OF TEXTILES transition into digital printing, click HERE.