Rise of the Creators

Maor Yur
June 7, 2022

The world is full of creators in every niche, and fashion is no exception. Big brands have dominated the landscape for years, but social media and other trends have set the stage for a dramatic shift in the way we see fashion. With greater access to wider audiences, independent creators are sharing their innovations across the globe. Now, they have more resources than ever before to parlay that social media spotlight into genuine fashion brands.

The Journey From Influencer to Designer

Fashion influencers are a mainstay across social media, showcasing top brands, alterations, and their own creations. They provide a significant opportunity for established brands to reach consumers but also provide a realistic route for independent creators to build their own fashion brands.

They already have the fantastic people skills and networking capability it takes to get themselves out there. As they begin showcasing their unique styles, they need to understand how to effectively leverage what they already have to build something new. For many, this means branching out to bring in more people and resources to augment their already formidable skillsets.

A lot goes into actually building a brand. Luckily, most influencers are great at networking and can find the help they need. Every designer is going to face their own unique challenges based on the designs they create and the scale that they work at.

One of the best pieces of advice for any burgeoning brand is to keep their focus tight. Maintain a limited range and highlight quality above all else. It can be tempting to diversify into other collections too soon, when instead, supporting key offerings is a surer way to build growth and success.

Creator Success Stories From the Industry

There are so many notable examples of creators building their own brands through their efforts on social media. Among these success stories are countless designers who make comfortable livings while still staying under the radar of the larger fashion scene. The intimate nature of social media networking means there’s room for brands at any scale. However, there are also the stunning success stories of influencers who have now established global brands.

We Wore What

We Wore What is the successful fashion brand from influencer Danielle Bernstein. It’s named after the fashion blog that won Bernstein her fame, where she set out to showcase her unique style. She’s successfully launched several brands, including Second Skin Overalls and Archive Shoes, both of which are now under the We Wore What brand. Her story is a prime example of how successful creators can become if they can get their styles out there.

Song of Style

From creator Aimee Song, Song of Style is a brand featuring unique dresses, tops, shoes, and more. Song built her brand out of a blog of the same name, which features not only fashion but also travel, self-care, and more. Her career has been built on work with major fashion brands, and she has now taken her unique experience and insight and turned them into an amazing success story.

Are You Am I

Rumi Dowson (née Neely) runs an incredibly successful lifestyle blog and is the poster girl for what most people think when they hear “influencer.” Her casual luxury brand, Are You Am I, has become a major example of success with fantastic collections and a number of high-profile collaborations. Dowson has received an abundance of awards for both her blogging and fashion design.

Build Your Brand’s Success With Kornit

Of course, there’s still the task of designing and producing the fashion in question. For all the networking prowess that influencers can bring to bear, they need a consistent, fast, and reliable method to create the pieces they sell. Kornit develops cutting-edge technologies that let creators do just that with efficient and sustainable digital printing equipment.

Kornit makes both direct-to-garment and direct-to-fabric printing machines that enable creators to do things their way and truly leverage the best that technology has to offer. High-quality, sustainable printing lets creators move from concept to completion faster than ever before, bringing their dreams into reality.

Kornit also provides an extensive range of on-demand production services. Brands can take advantage of faster turnarounds thanks to our unique Eco Factory facilities, with printing, cutting, and sewing all carried out at one site to get you your garments as soon as possible. Instead of spending weeks waiting for your next collection, reach out to Kornit and have it ready in days.