Proud Printing: How the Textile Printing Industry Can Support Pride Month Events

Maor Yur
June 15, 2021

Pride Month is here, giving us all a chance to participate in one of today’s most important activist movements. As leaders in the textile industry, we have the responsibility to come up with new ways to contribute to the cause and support the LGBTQ community. If you’re looking for some pride inspiration, here are three examples to get you started. 

Say it with pride by printing empowering messages

Printing powerful messages for pride month can help create an impact and turn customers into ambassadors. Shirts that capture attention on the street and social media are wonderful tools that your printing technology can offer. Come up with witty slogans, collaborate with relevant NGOs, and make yourself available for this cause. 

Fly the flag with vivid pride colors

No textile item tests printing companies’ color standards like the pride flag. Featuring the different colors of the rainbow, it requires strong color matching capabilities and a vivid gamut. Both the ink and the printer must perform well to produce beautiful pride flags this month, and being at your best helps properly honor Pride Month. Keep your printing solutions sharp and produce rainbow items that customers will be happy to wear and wave.

Our community supports the LGBTQ community

Kornit’s “Bonding Matters” tagline says a lot about our values. We believe that showing our support and accepting our differences is the key to success not just as a company but as a human society. That’s why we encourage each customer to #WearYourStory and a #BeYourself every day of the year. For Pride Month, Kornit employees were offered a special printed T-shirt designed and created in collaboration with our fulfillers network. 

Each and every one of us has the power to make a difference and support a cause close to our hearts. We invite you to celebrate life and love through the items you wear and the messages you promote. Happy Pride Month!