Prioritizing a Green Pandemic Recovery and Staying Stylish Too!

Maor Yur
October 27, 2020

Open your closet and take a wide look. All these clothes you recently bought sure make you feel great about owning new and trendy designs. They also come at affordable prices that urge us to frequently buy more than we need. However, before Marie Kondo starts getting dizzy from all your past and present collections you own, double-check their labels, and you’ll see that they are mostly made out of cheap, disposable fabrics, harmful to your health and destructive to our only planet. 

The fact is that we buy a lot more than our parents bought. Although mass-production enables us to keep up with the season’s trending shade, it comes with damaging consequences on our lives. Above all, even though people think that shopping makes us happier, studies show it does NOT!

Our COVID-existence has dramatically impacted fast fashion, a wake-up call to act more responsibly, for us all. Consumers give their shopping habits a second thought before they pile up their cart, as they have fewer social occasions. Clearly, this changing consumer behavior is bringing new opportunities to become eco-friendlier.

From the supply chain perspective, once the pandemic forced lockdown and factories closed their facility floors, toxic air pollution instantly dropped and saved the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Meanwhile, everyone is doing their best to prevent the virus spread. Nevertheless, fashion retailers who believe in sustainability are making way to transform their state of minds, incorporate green production standards, and reduce excessive waste. While adopting a sustainable agenda means re-aligning their corporate objectives, more retailers are aware that they are ensuring long term business success. 

Kornit has forward-thinking printing solutions and a sustainable agenda in both heart and mind. We understand that today, consumers are eager to feel good about their fashion purchases and are keen to yell out they live a sustainable lifestyle. That’s why Kornit is committed to helping you embrace a sustainable business model, that shows you care and #wearyourcare.

Our on-demand digital textile printing technologies is a real game-changer in sustainable manufacturing, as it reduces inventory, creates zero waste while maintaining design diversity. As consumers are constantly hungry for a fresh new look, one that expresses their personality, our on-demand production prints only when the buyer places the order, thus avoiding overproduction, and mutually uniting both front and back-end so they work in joint synergy.

If you want to protect your customers and the environment from toxic substances, you have to know your ink. Kornit offers a stand-alone solution that bonds our water-based inks (which are free of heavy metals, non-hazardous and non-toxic) to your fabric in the most efficient, eco-friendly, water-free process available.

Switch to clean, efficient textile production, so your customers always dress responsibly and stylishly, plus the planet will naturally thank you! Now that’s taking a giant step in the right direction, don’t you think?