Printing a Digital Revolution

Maor Yur
May 12, 2019

The transition from analog and manual formats to digital ones has reinvented many industries and had a major impact on various corners of our lives. The textile industry, which embraced digital technology over traditional methods, is no different in that sense. What it is, though, is unique in the way it has changed following the invention of advanced printing techniques. Here are a few interesting aspects to observe when examining the digital revolution in textile printing.

From concept to garment
The road to a complete garment was previously a tedious and long one, with many hurdles and stops along the way. Today, thanks to digital solutions offered by printing companies, it only takes a single step to go from the idea of a garment to the reality of producing it. This revolution enabled the on-demand economy to enter the fashion industry, allowing customers to wish for a specific outfit and post it on Instagram just a few hours later.
Digital solutions also allowed customers to express their fashion preferences more clearly by communicating directly with retailers or even creating their own design using dedicated tools.

A look behind the scenes
Another byproduct of the digital transformation is the free and clear flow of information. This means that retailers and manufacturers are more exposed than ever, and customers are able to learn not only about the product they are about to purchase but also about the way it was created and the possible damage it might have caused. This newly found transparency is a blessing to our society, as it forces everyone in the field to follow new strict sustainability standards that come from regulators and customers alike. This environmental-friendly approach encourages innovators in the field to bring new digital solutions that form a better process for everyone, including the natural treasures surrounding us.

More to come
If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the process of growth and innovation is never over. We can expect more inventive solutions and changes to take place in the textile printing business as time goes by and technologies advance. In fact, we at Kornit are already working on the next revolutionary solutions.
Since textile printing systems are a tad bigger than iPhones, replacing the entire infrastructure with every new version is impossible (not to mention, completely contradicts our industry’s sustainability goals). That is why it’s important to create future-ready systems that can easily adapt to new features and developments. We create the best systems today and make sure they’re ready for tomorrow, and the day after.

There are numerous ways to follow the latest announcements and advancements in the textile printing arena. We invite you to experience them firsthand and schedule your demo with Kornit at ITMA 2019. Learn all about our single-step printing solutions, the highest sustainability standards and our future-ready systems that will take your printing capabilities to the next level.