Polyester Power: 3 Reasons Why the Polyester Retail Market Is Booming

Maor Yur
August 17, 2020

A recently published research states that the global Polyester fiber market, which reached a value of $100 billion just a couple of years ago, is expected to increase its worth to $190 billion by 2026. This exciting piece of news should come as no surprise to those familiar with this fabric’s strong suites, and we’ve chosen a few prominent ones to focus on. 

The variety of use cases

Polyester is a man-made material that can be used for a wide range of garments, very much including athletic wear. It’s almost impossible to think of an everyday activity that couldn’t use a polyester garment, which enables manufacturers to answer many market needs by mastering the art of polyester printing. One of the most recent examples comes from Ikea, which launched a new fashion and accessories collection featuring many polyester items, including hats and towels. 

Its robust nature 

Polyester is a strong and durable fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily. This means that the above-mentioned use cases can rely on this fabric to successfully deal with all environmental conditions and physical activities. Rain or sweat can’t beat polyester garments, and manufacturers and shoppers opting to wear it can feel confident knowing that when handled properly, it will not wrinkle or shrink and will remain flexible and strong. According to this latest WIRED article, polyester is the best choice for summer hiking and camping activities, since it is quick to dry and can keep users cool in the heat. 

The recycled version

When fashion company Athleta announced in April that the garments included in its new catalog will be made of 60% sustainable fibers, many people probably didn’t think of polyester as the leading material. But recyclable polyester enables manufacturers and retailers to use this popular fabric and maintain a sustainable business conduct at the same time. That is why Adidas also announced that it will continue to use polyester in its environmental-friendly collections. 

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