One World: Bonding Nature and Humanity on Earth Day

Maor Yur
April 22, 2020

Earth Day is always an important occasion, but this year it has special meaning considering the global crisis we’re all experiencing and its influence on our behavior and our planet. With people staying home to keep safe, we witness wild animals roaming the streets, air pollution levels dropping, and other positive environmental consequences. Social distancing has enabled us to see the direct impact our actions have on the environment, and on Earth Day 2020, we invite everyone to take a closer look at how our fashion choices affect the blue planet as well. Here at Kornit, sustainability has been a key company value for years, an approach that is manifested in the messages we promote, the products we create, and everything in between. 


Our most recent campaign encourages businesses and individuals to #WearYourCare” and make fashion decisions with environmental care in mind. 

Here are a few simple, actionable suggestions on how to do just that:

  • Only make what you wear

Print on demand has a massive positive impact on the environment, as it saves tons of wasted products and materials used to manufacture clothes that no one will ever wear. By eliminating unnecessary procedures and products, we save energy, fabric, chemicals, and a lot of water. Print on demand is good for both business and the environment, proving once again that humanity and nature go hand in hand. 

  • Make a fashion statement

Printed garments can help spread important messages about the environment and the role we all play in shaping it. Today’s users can harness their need for self-expression and the independent design capabilities provided to them by retailers to create garments that send a strong message on environmental issues. Thanks to social media networks, social distancing shouldn’t keep us from taking a sustainable selfie wearing our latest creation and sharing it with the world. 

  • Material world 

The materials used in the manufacturing and printing processes of garments matter. From the amount of water used to the chemicals of choice – this aspect of the fashion world is not to be ignored. Kornit’s signature zero water waste printing solutions and eco-friendly ink sets prove that the best printing technology is one that not only offers the most vibrant colors and fast procedures but is also kind to the environment and gives back to the community

  • Get closer

At times when keeping our distance is all the rage, it seems a little strange to talk about shortening the distance between certain things, but reshoring is incredibly important to the future of both fashion and the planet. Companies should bring their production closer to consumers and save the energy and materials invested in shipping products from afar. This will also enable more effective print-on-demand solutions, which is all the more reason to do so. 

Staying indoors for long periods of time makes us appreciate the outside world. Hopefully, this would make humanity want to do a better job of protecting the environment. By taking a proactive stance on this issue we can make a difference where it matters most. This Earth Day, stay inside while protecting the outside and wear your care, because now more than ever, #BondingMatters.