How Digital Retail Technology Helps Fashion Businesses Stay Gender-Neutral

Maor Yur
May 18, 2021

When we think of establishing a solid business strategy for younger generations, the topic of gender inclusivity plays an integral role. Gen Z, for example, is incredibly focused on gender neutrality. A recent survey found that more than 40% of Gen Z shoppers identify as gender-neutral, and almost 60% shop outside of their gender. 

Brands that wish to stay one step ahead must embrace a gender-neutral approach. Luckily for them, digital solutions can help achieve this critical business goal. 

Make no assumptions 

Assuming someone’s gender can be quite offensive, and assuming their clothes preferences is even worse. Shoppers are tired of brands offering them clothes based on outdated gender conceptions. Instead of looking at a person’s gender, it’s time for brands to look at the person within and offer as much freedom as possible in terms of design and shape. 

Online design platforms allow customers to build their own outfits and choose the colors, size, length, and any other parameter based on nothing but their personal interests. Advanced on-demand manufacturing capabilities turn this unique vision into a perfect garment for happy, appreciative customers. 

The neutral online shopping experience

Offering a gender-neutral design experience is terrific, but your online shopping platform must be considerate as well. Inclusive content is a must for brands that want to appeal to today’s audiences. Pick phrasing that speaks to everyone, choose a color scheme that’s not biased, and feature images with people of all walks of life presented in a non-stereotypical manner. 

Data-based, not gender-based 

One of the reasons for brands’ gender-biased norms is the belief that audiences respond well to these targeting assumptions. But the truth is people respond much better to businesses making a conscious effort to march forward and be more inclusive. 

Businesses should base marketing and business decisions on data, not stereotypes. Replace old-fashioned assumptions with innovative data solutions to track your performance and generate smart insights. When we created Kornit Konnect, we wanted to give businesses a way to measure every step of the process and learn how to optimize different parts of the printing puzzle. Do the same using various analytics tools, and you’ll discover that customers’ behavior is much more interesting than their gender. 

The most critical message brands need to send customers is “we care.” Here at Kornit, we encourage customers and retailers to #wearyourcare. By demonstrating your openness and consideration through gender-neutral conduct, you’ll be building an inviting shopping experience that feels like home to customers everywhere. Use available tech tools to make life easier for you and your customers.