More Possibilities, More Sustainable than Ever: Kornit Digital Helps Fasac “Go White!” at Première Vision Paris

April 24, 2023

Founded in 1955, Fasac S.p.a., part of the SCR Stamperia Group of Cassina Rizzardi, is a leading company in the creation of printed fabric for men’s and women’s clothing, furnishings, and fashion accessories. The Fasac name has always been synonymous with research, innovation, creativity, service, and quality, making Fasac the reference supplier for many national and international fashion brands.


As such, they were a natural partner for Kornit Digital, the world’s leading developer of sustainable digital textile print technologies for on-demand fulfillment. Increasingly, fabric decorators worldwide are turning to Kornit’s single-step, single-operator print capabilities to localize their operations, offering consumers, brands, designers, and do-it-yourselfers localized fulfillment, for durable, high-quality, graphically unlimited natural and synthetic decorated materials delivered at the speed of e-commerce.


Wearing its “Made in Italy” label with pride, Fasac joins a growing community of Kornit users worldwide—from Kyoto-based Debs Corporation and its “Made with Japan” mantra, to London-based Fashion-Enter and its commitment to “Make It British,” to multiple family businesses in the United States built around Kornit’s ability to “bring production back to America”—reaping the benefits of a versatile, digital mechanism that shrinks supply chains, eliminates minimum order quantities, produces more product with less labor and materials, and makes onshore production profitable again. This localization of operations empowers manufacturers like Fasac to safeguard against disruptions, mitigate operational risk, eliminate overproduction, answer new opportunities in real time, and thrive in a dynamic marketplace, simply by producing where demand for their brilliant fabrics lives.


That Kornit’s inks meet the most rigorous standards of environmental sustainability certainly don’t hurt either. In an age when the tension between government regulators demanding fundamental change and the producers and brands who see greater benefit in “greenwashing” operations than the supposedly profit-killing work of actually instituting responsible practices continues to ratchet, Kornit offers a fast, digital solution that is proven to increase profit margins while giving consumers the assurance of materials that are CO2-neutral, GOTS approved, and ECO PASSPORT- and BLUESIGN-certified, saving up to 95% of water waste and using up to 94% less energy than other conventional print methods.


As attendees at Première Vision Paris experienced this past February, this game-changing, eco-conscious digital production capability demands no sacrifice in terms of graphic capability or quality. Quite the contrary, as Fasac’s “Go White!” campaign demonstrated, Kornit technology opens new creative possibilities for designers.


Kornit’s latest-generation system for digital direct-to-fabric decoration, Kornit Presto MAX, is the first digital pigment production system capable of printing high-quality whites on dark fabrics, both natural and synthetic. As you can see here, these white-on-dark designs truly pop, offering an entirely new dimension for what you can imprint and have ready to cut, ship, or wear within minutes. Bold, brilliant, and uncompromising, these prints can be produced on demand, in any quantity, empowering users like Fasac to sample and experiment at will, testing new ideas for color, texture, and contrast without major commitments or investments in materials, time, labor, or energy.


While white-on-dark is indeed a breakthrough, Kornit Presto MAX doesn’t stop there. The system offers neon graphic effects for a bolder color gamut, as well as a layering effect that empowers users to emulate screen printing, dye sublimation, threadless embroidery, heat transfer vinyl, 3D, and other traditional mechanisms—all with the same sustainable, single-step, pigment-based digital process! Not only does this give creators a greater capability for design fulfillment in mere minutes, but it gives producers the ability to consolidate multiple operations to one system, for the most cost-, energy-, time-, and labor-efficient operation possible. This means producing more with less floor space (a boon in high-cost environments where space comes at a premium), optimizing resource usage, and scaling with ease.


Furthermore, Kornit’s digital production system integrates seamlessly with digital workflow solutions, making it easier than ever for producers to tap online demand, including social channels, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and more.


To learn more about Kornit’s vision and innovations to transform fabric and textile production, unleashing expression for a digital, sustainable, on-demand future, visit or


To see and feel Kornit’s unparalleled capabilities for high-quality, durable, versatile, sustainable fulfillment on demand, plan to see Kornit Presto MAX and other state-of-the-art digital production systems at ITMA 2023 Milan, June 8-14. See for details.