Lets talk about Direct-to-Garment Printing!

Noga Chen
January 12, 2018

Direct-to-Garment printing is a digital process whereby an image is printed directly onto a t-shirt using specialized or modified ink jet technology, as opposed the screen-printing method where screens are set up for each color to be printed on the shirt.

A primary advantage of Direct-to-Garment printing is the lack of set-up costs, the ability to produce short to medium runs with instant turnaround time and low cost per print.  Direct-to-Garment printers have a relatively small footprint which is a big plus in a modern world with the growing awareness and regulation for sustainable solutions. This is especially true in the textile industry.

But let’s talk about cost.

Bottom line, when considering opening a new textile printing business or upgrading an existing business, this is the no.1 aspect you want and should check.

Calculating the profitability of a Direct-to-Garment business involves calculating the sales price of the finished garment, cost of the garment itself and cost of the ink. But what about the operating costs that include factory space, operating costs, labor, pre-treatments and post-treatments (including space and machines required) that must be taken into account? Most manufacturers using analogue methods are used to processes that are labor intensive, involve several processes and large amount of factory space, not to mention the mess involved.

Digital direct-to-garment process offers a new way of thinking and basically removes the barriers.

Direct-to-Garment Printing is the no-fuss, no barrier method to print directly onto garments.

And, there is an advanced digital textile printing model that includes an integrated pre-treatment process – giving you a true single step process!

The Kornit Breeze is the perfect entry level printer for businesses that want to plan for the long term.

With the Kornit Breeze, getting your retail or web-to-print business off the ground is a



Compact, powerful, and built for instant success, the portable and affordable Kornit Breeze is designed specifically for small to mid-sized digital t-shirt printing businesses.

The Kornit Breeze

–       prints on the widest fabric variety from Tees to shoes

–       overcomes any fabric surface elements such as zippers and buttons and more

–       prints up to 42 garments per hour

–       prints on dark and light garments

–       needs minimal space

–       is a single step process

PLUS it includes a unique integrated automated pre-treatment

The Kornit Breeze arrives at your door ready for e-commerce and web-to- print, making it an excellent choice for both online and retail shops. It can be connected to any computer with a USB port and requires only one operator.

And now with new printer software for better productivity, usability & print quality.

The latest upgrade to the Breeze software includes:

–          Support for Windows 7 and 10

–          Improved software stability and reliability

–          7 new default setups for optimized print performance

–          A new “skip white” feature which avoids blank print areas for a more efficient print process

–          Additional capabilities such as knockouts and Choke for better quality and ink savings

Make your grand entry into the digital printing business with the Kornit Breeze.

To learn more about digital textile printing, come and meet us at ISS. We’ll demonstrate SIX ways digital DTG printing can position your business for long-term profitability and opportunity. Set a meeting at