Kornit Helps One Shenkar Student Realize Their Vision

Maor Yur
August 8, 2022

The Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar is among the most respected institutions in the fashion world, with its graduates going on to work with top designers and to found their own innovative fashion brands. Kornit had the opportunity of working with and providing the printing for the final project of one of the department’s graduates, Lior Weinberg.

A Stunning Collection From Lior Weinberg

Students of the Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar spend their final year developing a project that highlights the skills and knowledge they’ve developed throughout the program, along with their own creativity and style. For her final project, Lior Weinberg created a women’s collection of six complete outfits that she titled the Fashion Paradox.

This unique collection began as a study of individuality – developed from insights into the history of dress codes and uniforms throughout history. Lior Weinberg sought to understand the ways that clothing can represent social order and hierarchy, both through required uniforms and the way that these biases emerge in other areas of fashion, both intentionally and subconsciously.

This is the fashion paradox that Lior Weinberg identified and characterized – that we all use fashion to express individuality and personal style but are always restricted by convention and established fashion. Her collection aimed to create individuality from this uniformity.

Going Through the Creative Process

When developing her collection, Lior Weinberg implemented motifs recognizable from dress codes and uniforms. She combined traditional cuts and materials from established fashion in a way that created new silhouettes. Some of the designs incorporated backgrounds that extended patterns beyond familiar silhouettes.

The design process began with creating collages of the underlying inspirations for the designs and progressed to sketches. Then, she started choosing the right materials and fabrics and developing the right work techniques to create the final garments, including digital printing with Kornit, hand-knitting, and leather weaving. Eventually, she created prototype garments that were used to verify and adjust proportions for the final designs.

Working With Kornit to Produce Her Collection

Lior Weinberg chose to work with Kornit to print the collection she developed for her final project. She had first heard about Kornit from Kornit’s Fashion Week 2021, an event held in LA highlighting the creativity and innovation that Kornit printing technologies make possible. She was able to initiate the collaboration through the technical facilitator at the Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar.

Kornit entered into this collaboration enthusiastically, happy to help rising talent in fashion realize their innovative designs. Lior Weinberg visited our facility to see the wide range of technologies that Kornit develops. There, we carried out testing of different colors and fabrics for her collection and set out to create the final prints.

Lior Weinberg is one of many students who has recently graduated or is currently pursuing an education in fashion. These students are the future of the industry and are committed to real innovation and change. The sustainable and versatile printing technologies developed by Kornit are becoming an integral part of building a better fashion industry for tomorrow.

Kornit Provides Solutions for All Designers

The printing technologies and workflow management solutions that Kornit creates are uniquely suited to expanding access to the fashion industry. In this case, a student was able to realize the unique designs they created for their final project. Kornit makes this kind of low-volume garment creation accessible to creators of all kinds.

With Kornit, it’s possible for designers to make limited collections or even one-off creations while staying cost-effective and sustainable. This enables small-scale designers to compete in the challenging fashion industry and creates opportunities for greater customization in collections. Kornit printing also plays a role in the design process itself, allowing creators to see how their designs turn out as finished garments faster than ever before.

Kornit provides unique solutions that can fit the individual needs of any designer. We provide a range of direct-to-fabric and direct-to-garment solutions. In addition to our printers, we provide on-demand garment manufacturing through KornitX and our global fulfillment network.

Kornit has solutions for designers at any stage of their progression, whether they’re working on their final project or rapidly scaling their collections and expanding to new markets. By working with Kornit, designers can ensure that their journey remains cost-effective and sustainable to help change the face of the industry.