Kornit Fashion Week London Disrupts the Industry With a Vision of a Better Way

Omer Kulka
May 22, 2022

Kornit is disrupting the status quo in the fashion industry with our Kornit Fashion Week in London, which wrapped up on May 17th after three days of highlighting the latest innovations that are changing everything.

The event featured a variety of keynote and panel sessions on how we’re making fashion more sustainable and accessible to everyone, along with opportunities to check out some of our latest partnerships with daring designers.

This latest exhibition has showcased what creators can really accomplish with the unique technology that Kornit develops. We’re building a better way to handle fashion that can give everyone – creators, designers, and consumers – everything they need while reducing our impact on the environment with streamlined supply chains.

Partnering With Ukrainian Creators

This Kornit Fashion Week featured a unique collection developed by Ukrainian creators and realized with Kornit technology. This was a special collaboration between designer Lilia Litkovskaya and Olga Stein.

Lilia Litkovskaya is a Ukrainian designer who comes from four generations of tailors. Her unique commitment to her craft has allowed her to develop the Litkovskaya womenswear fashion brand featuring refined tailoring, intricate craftsmanship, and bold shapes.

The incredibly unique designs of this collection that offer a wardrobe that is both fragile and fierce were showcased at Kornit Fashion Week. The entire collection was created during the ongoing war in Ukraine, a testament to the perseverance of the Ukrainian spirit.

The unique collection of shirts presented at Kornit Fashion Week was developed in collaboration with Olga Stein, an innovative Ukrainian visual artist. Stein is also the founder and curator of a unique open workshop project called Thesteinstudio. The project hosts curated and self-organized exhibitions, open lectures, and studies.

Stein’s unique explores a variety of religious, philosophical, and cultural topics. Her work includes explorations of the adaptability of the church, canonical visual order, the position of the saints, and interpretations of biblical texts. Many of her featured works were rescued from her Kyiv studio during the opening weeks of the war, and others were created during her time spent in shelters in Cherkasy and Lviv.

The Collection

The unique collection for Kornit Fashion Week includes ten distinct shirt designs developed by Litkovskaya and Stein. Their stark designs highlight the truly unique innovation coming from Ukrainian creators.

The proceeds of the collection’s sales go to HIAS, an organization that helps refugees around the world. HIAS has been helping displaced people in Ukraine for some time, as the need for that aid predates the 2022 invasion. HIAS provided support in the flight of more than a million Ukrainian citizens from Crimea and East Ukraine from 2014 to 2022.

Today, HIAS needs as much support as possible to provide support for the more than 12 million people who have had to flee their homes in Ukraine, with the ongoing war having the potential to lead to so many more.

Powered by Kornit X

This event offered guests a hands-on approach to KornitX, with a unique pop-up shop and the ability to order in person. This demonstrated how KornitX technology enables brands, retailers and licensors to offer their customers an endless aisle of sustainable on-demand products and unlock new revenue streams, without the need to store pre-printed stock.

But that’s not all. The pop-up shop had an important message too.

Next to every shirt in the pop-up store we featured QR codes with the displayed shirts to make it incredibly easy for any consumers to place an order. They simply scanned the code, chose their size, and that was it. This Smart Link feature is available for creators everywhere. After the scan, Kornit X takes over.

Kornit X uses a network of partners to automatically send orders to the production facility that the customer is closest to. In the case of Kornit Fashion Week London, orders were printed and fulfilled by Snuggle. However, anyone buying the shirts online had their order prepared by whichever facility was closest to them, reducing shipping and inventory requirements.

This effort was powered with the help of Stanley/Stella, with this collection making use of their 100% sustainable shirts as the base for the unique Ukrainian designs.

Changing Fashion for the Better

We set out to disrupt the fashion industry – to build something better. With Kornit X, we’re moving the industry in a more sustainable and equitable direction. Without the excessive shipping and inventory requirements of other production methods, Kornit X makes it possible for creators at any scale to reach consumers with their innovative designs.

If you missed us in London, don’t worry! You can find a recap of all the fashion shows here. Plus, we’re coming to FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin, 31 May – 3 June.