Kornit EcoFactory Is a Leap Forward for Sustainable, On-Demand Fashion Production 

Maor Yur
August 8, 2022

Kornit is continuously innovating in the field of fashion production to bring more creators more opportunities for sustainable, local development. Our latest solution, the Kornit EcoFactory, takes this to the next level. EcoFactory brings all aspects of fashion production in-house, from the moment an order is placed to when the finished product ships out. It puts creators in control of their production, anywhere, at any scale. 

Kornit EcoFactory sets a new standard for on-demand fashion production. Our direct-to-fabric printing is incredibly robust, with options like printing white on colored fabric, neon colors, 3D textures, and more. These prints meet the most stringent quality criteria, excelling in both wash and rub testing. Not only that, but our unique printing methods ensure that fabric stays soft and naturally flowing. 

With Kornit EcoFactory, you can produce high-quality fashions locally with a unique micro-factory solution that delivers on quality, speed, and sustainability. 

A Comprehensive Solution for Creators and Designers 

Kornit EcoFactory is a holistic fashion production solution that takes you from start to finish, all in one place. One critical feature that makes this possible is the complete digitization of the fashion production process. Every detail of each order is coordinated through a unique ID that’s presented as a barcode for easy access during every step. 

When one of your customers makes a purchase through your e-commerce store, a work order is automatically generated with all of the vital information to bring that fashion to completion. That can be accessed through Kornit’s workflow management system, and production can begin. You load the fabric and just hit go to print the design for the order. 

Your fabric can then go directly to a connected automatic cutting machine. EcoFactory is fully compatible with leading top-tier cutting machine on the market today. With cutting complete, you can quickly verify that you have everything needed for the fashion with the workflow management system’s simple checklist. 

Sewing patterns for the fashion are directly linked to its ID. Just scan the order barcode, and the complete sewing instructions pop up. From there, you can carry out the quality inspection and record the results through the workflow management system. Shipping information can be brought up with a quick scan of the barcode, and the order is complete! 

A Better Way to Grow and Scale Your Business 

Kornit EcoFactory lets you take complete ownership of your fashion production, putting you in full control and opening more opportunities than ever before. The flexibility of EcoFactory lets you take on any job, no matter the size or unique specifications. You’ll be able to take advantage of new sales channels and other opportunities that wouldn’t have been feasible with traditional processes. 

One of the biggest reasons why Kornit EcoFactory is the perfect solution for creators anywhere is its compact size compared to other production methods. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can achieve local production to fulfill orders faster, with reduced shipping costs, and more sustainably. This unique micro-factory is perfect for urban production where space is limited and for small-scale producers looking to grow quickly.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Production 

Kornit EcoFactory works in tandem with our advanced workflow management system, KornitX. This makes the process of creating unique fashions incredibly straightforward, with management tools for sales and production.  

Kornit EcoFactory has been designed with real creators in mind. That means that we’ve developed it to allow for straightforward and effective integration with the tools you already use. EcoFactory is easy to integrate with your ERP and other systems.  

EcoFactory Is a Sustainable Solution for Local Fashion Production 

Kornit EcoFactory isn’t just good for creators and their communities. The sustainable fashion production that it makes possible does good for everyone. Compared to traditional rotary screen solutions, printing with Kornit reduces energy and water consumption by up to 95%. There’s also up to an 83% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It is the most sustainable solution in the market today. 

Producing fashions locally puts less demand on international or even domestic shipping. This provides further emissions reduction, and lets creators foster vibrant local trade. Kornit EcoFactory is a solution that looks toward the future while providing creators with everything they need today.