CreŌSphere: The FashionTech Event by Creazioni Digitali + Kornit Digital

Robert Zoch
October 22, 2021


Together with our innovative customer and partner Creazioni Digitali, Kornit Digital is launching the FashionTech event CreŌSphere, right in the middle of the epicenter of the modern fashion world. October 26-27 program brings fashion designers, brands, fulfillers, industry authorities, and tech innovators to demonstrate and celebrate sustainable, on-demand production capabilities driving transformation to a more economical, expressive, profitable fashion industry.

The textile industry uses 79 billion cubic meters of water each year in the production process, which equals 2% of all the world’s freshwater. It is also the 2nd most polluting industry generating 18.6 million tons of landfill annually. This is terrible for the environment, as well as for the industry’s bottom line. CreŌSphere is exploring how on-demand sustainable technologies are already changing this and providing the industry with the tools it needs to shift course.

CreŌSphere: The FashionTech Event by Creazioni Digitali + Kornit Digital, is taking place October 26-27 in the Lake Como region of Italy. The event program is a celebration and exploration of digital on-demand production innovations as a catalyst for deeper graphic expression, greater sustainability, eliminating wasteful overproduction, and replacing slow, vulnerable supply chains with instant localized fulfillment in fashion.

Day 1 takes place at the historic Villa Erba estate in Cernobbio, and includes a full presentation of the vast opportunities the latest fashion technologies bring to transform the industry. The key to success lies in an innovative on-demand production model that delivers sustainability, speed, versatility, and unlimited creative expression without waste or limitations.

The well-known radio profile Luca Viscardi will be presenting the program.  Attendees can experience visionary designers’ collections that have been produced using waterless, eco-friendly, single-step Kornit Digital printing and end-to-end workflow solutions, requiring a small fraction of the time needed for traditional analog fashion cycles.

Speakers of the night include:

  • Fulvio Alvisi, textile design lecturer from the Istituto Europeo di Design
  • Giusy Bettoni, founder and chief executive officer of Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy (C.L.A.S.S.)
  • Stefano Babbini, chief executive officer of Mogu, who delivers responsible products for interior design
  • Roberto Lucini, chief executive officer of Creazioni Digitali, a Kornit Digital customer
  • Ronen Samuel, chief executive officer of Kornit Digital


Day 2 brings the proceedings to Creazioni Digitali’s production facility in Como, where attendees will observe a thriving digital textile production operation. Presenters will demonstrate the ease of operating Kornit Atlas MAX and Kornit Presto systems, as well as KornitX for streamlined workflow, which offers a quick, agile, frictionless production experience that satisfies the needs of producers, consumers, and the textile industry more broadly. Those unsure of digital’s accessibility and quality of finished pieces will have the opportunity to view the complete end-to-end process, and experience the unlimited graphic capability, color gamut, durability, and hand feel of these garments for themselves. Additionally, this will provide an excellent opportunity for brands, designers, producers, technology innovators, and leading industry authorities to network and discuss proven strategies to create new opportunities for expression, products, and applications, and achieving more responsive and responsible fashion practices.

Together we’re showing the discriminating fashion community that digital can eliminate barriers between supply and demand, transform concepts into ready-to-wear apparel in a single day, and achieve truly sustainable practices that are profitable because there’s no overproduction, while empowering the designer’s creativity rather than constricting it.

Kornit’s growing technology ecosystem is making fast, versatile, eco-conscious production without limitations accessible to creators worldwide, from global fashion brands to the enterprising hobbyist selling their works via social media. We’re thankful for inspired and inspiring partners like Creazioni Digitali who bring the vision to join us on this journey to a more responsible, more capable, and ultimately more brilliant fashion landscape—and we encourage you to join us in Como to see why you should, too.

“Brands like ours need to create ethical clothing, so consumers become aware that it’s possible, on demand.” Read our recent profile of Love Hero, a London-based fashion label committed to creating fashion sustainably—and doing so with the help of Kornit Digital and Creazioni Digitali.