Join the fashion detox revolution!

Noga Chen
August 23, 2015

As the global textile printing industry moves towards environmentally friendly manufacturing, and global brands such as Adidas, United Colors of Benetton, Burberry, H&M, Valentino and others commit to the “Detox petition,” it is only a matter of time before printers and their clients around the world are required to adhere to detox standards. Don’t get left behind…


“Detox” is already an industry standard

Did you know that the term “Detox” is already an industry standard sweeping the globe? Thanks to Greenpeace and other lobbyists, for the first time in the EU, Indonesia and China, several harmful chemicals have been added to the list of toxic substances to be phased out of the textile chain by 2020. 

What does this mean for textile and garment printers around the world? Big changes are in motion, and this is just the beginning…

Stay up-to-date with international regulations

The list of harmful chemicals in the production chain is alarming, and getting longer! So how can companies stay up-to-date with shifting international regulations?

Many companies in the textile and apparel chain are working hard to ensure their products are free of restricted substances to include PFCs and nonylphenols by seeking relevant certifications, keeping their products safe and sellable everywhere. With this, there has been a surge to moved to digital printing – a viable option in terms of environment, cost-efficiency and quality.

Fashions mounting commitment to rid hazardous chemicals from the textile and apparel chain opens a new chapter in the story of toxic-free fashion.

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