Speed Up Your Halloween Costumes with Fast, Festive Fashion Solutions

Maor Yur
October 31, 2019

Halloween is officially here, and you want to drum up the excitement with a super spookish look, topped by a trendy costume. With fashion brands and styles campaigning on Instagram, the chances are that last year’s costume theme has cycled away, and you are ready to get on the action with a new on-trend ensemble.


Timing is everything, and thanks to social platforms and instant documentation, we are constantly updated and ready to respond to fashion’s current hits. Once fashion icons share their pictures on the net, we want to be the first to own what they wear. This day and age, it’s all about keeping up with innovation, influencing our followers, and becoming a recognizable figure. With that being said, let’s get you into that Halloween spirit with an inspiring costume everyone is going to talk about!


This season, fast-fashion is faster than ever, and Halloween is an opportunity to dress in style and steal the show. Some people are into recreating those celebrities’ outfits seen on the red carpet, unlike others who are pop culture-inspired. Some might even be a Fortnight fan, while others are looking for classic icons. From Marvel’s superheroic characters to Pennywise, the terrifying clown, there’s no question about it: as long as it is an “out with the old, in with the new” look, you’re set for this year’s holiday extravaganzas.


As trends and styles evolve, Kornit got you covered with apparel printing solutions that keep up with the rapid change, and speed up production responding to your costume desires. Kornit’s digital Direct-to-Fabric printing was made to be fast, flexible and creative, so your inspiration can be printed straight on fabrics and garments in no time. Another main advantage is you can produce inventory at short notice without having stock left unwanted, and that’s sustainable chic, right there!


If you’re looking for a seasonal printing cycle that produces trendy Halloween pieces, fun patterns, or celeb-inspired costumes, search no more! We provide you with smart, cost-efficient solutions that will make even your short-run printing easy-peasy.


Witching you a festive Halloween!