Is Sustainability Becoming the Hottest Fashion Trend of 2020?

Maor Yur
October 19, 2020

2020 suffers from a pretty bad reputation. The COVID-19 pandemic we’re all still dealing with has led to countless memes and jokes on how terrible this year has been so far. But one extraordinary ray of sunshine comes from the fashion industry’s new sustainable outlook, which can be seen in different parts of the business. The following article will take a closer look at some of this year’s environmental initiatives and explain each one’s significance. 

Fast fashion: H&M installs a recycling machine

Fast fashion is responsible for an alarming amount of waste. The speed in which we get tired and rid of clothes is so fast that 10,000 clothing items find their way to the landfill every five minutes in the UK alone. That’s why we were excited to hear about the new ‘Looop’ machine that will be installed in selected H&M stores. The machine turns old clothes into new ones within a few hours, bringing new life to the items we thought were irrelevant and minimizing fashion waste. This step is also important because H&M is a fashion leader among young consumers, and an initiative such as this can raise awareness around sustainability.   

High fashion: Gucci’s first sustainable collection In June, haute couture brand Gucci announced its first sustainable collection, under the title “off the grid.” The collection is based on eco-friendly materials and procedures and is advertised via socially responsible campaigns. This move from Gucci is important because it proves that sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand. Instead of associating environmental consumerism with thrift shops that speak to only part of the population, a trendsetter like Gucci tells us that high-end fashion should consider the environment, and sustainability is all the rage.

Eco-friendships: Adidas, Lululemon & others join hands to create sustainable fabrics   

Another exciting initiative that happened this year is a collaboration between Bolt Threads, Adidas, Lululemon, Kering, and Stella McCartney. The dream team announced the founding of a new consortium that will focus on creating Mylo™, a new fabric made from renewable materials that can be recycled an unlimited number of times. It’s fantastic to see so many important players in the textile world join hands to build something positive. It’s also great to see some of the prominent names of athletic apparel participate, indicating a more sustainable approach in that niche. 

The production line: Kornit Digital educates businesses and consumers 

Here at Kornit, we work hard to promote sustainability all year, every year. In 2020, we launched a campaign that may be entertaining but is also very serious. If you didn’t get the chance to see it, check out this video: 

We hope to continue promoting sustainability in retail by opting for waterless procedures and eco-friendly systems and ink sets. As you can see, we are in good company.