In a rapidly changing world, the Kornit Atlas MAX is an oasis of consistency

Robert Zoch
April 28, 2021


The past year made it clear that everything changes all the time. But for businesses in the fashion and apparel industry, this important truth has been well-known for quite some time.

When we developed the Kornit Atlas MAX, the industrial printing solution that now includes Kornit’s revolutionary MAX technology, we wanted to revolutionize the industry’s supply chain, making it more reliable and considerably more sustainable. Our goal was to empower fulfillers to become a reliable resource for brands in more ways than one. Here are three critical elements we focused on in the ever-changing world in which we all live, work, and create.

Reassuring onshoring: The shifting supply chain

Even before the pandemic began, reshoring and nearshoring procedures were trending in the fashion industry. Now that the danger of a broken supply chain is more evident than ever, brands are looking for solutions closer to home and customers. We’ve discussed the nearshoring trend before, and now it’s time to talk about the production solution that enables a smooth and successful transition.

The Atlas MAX allows fulfillers to answer on-demand production needs of any volume and creative design. Fulfillers who use this technology send a clear message to brands, saying, “you can count on me.” No matter how demanding the market is in terms of fast delivery and impeccable quality –  the Atlas MAX has it covered.

This reliability is also manifested in great color-matching capabilities, reassuring brands their creative vision will be accurately executed anywhere in the world, and the results will be durable and long-lasting. With smart automation capabilities, the production line runs even more efficiently. This consistency transforms industry challenges into growth opportunities for fulfillers and allows them to take on new responsibilities with confidence. 

Unpredictable trends meet a reliable production 

Our global village declares new trends every minute. Brands today create smaller collections that are replaced multiple times during each season because they know taste and trends only last for so long. What they don’t know, however, is what tomorrow may bring. Celebrities and social media influencers can make garments and styles go viral within minutes, sending fulfillers spiraling to meet surging demands without compromising quality standards.

Since we don’t know which look will explode online, fulfillers need to gain production capabilities that can meet high-volume industrial needs without demanding minimal quantities. Flexibility is the name of the game.

The market demands a versatile production that can print a wide color gamut on multiple fabrics using a fast, single-step process. Kornit’s XDi technology, which is included in the Atlas MAX, gives fulfillers a competitive advantage that allows their prints and business to stand out. The Atlas MAX includes decorative applications that create a 3D effect, proving everything’s possible with the right technology. 

Climate change’s impact on fashion

The sad connection between fashion and environmental pollution is well-established. Water and energy consumption, hazardous chemicals, and mountains of waste are all negative results of irresponsible conduct in our industry.

The shift in this area, however, is a positive one. Younger generations are more environmentally aware and demand to wear garments by fashion brands that care about our planet. This focus on sustainability may be new to many consumers and companies, but it has been a core Kornit value for years. With the birth of the MAX technology and the Atlas MAX, we continue to lead with our sustainable approach. Among other activities, Kornit also announced its initiative to plant trees in order to make the Atlas MAX CO2-neutral in addition to its existing GOTS and OEKO TEX approvals. On-demand printing eliminates over-production, excess inventory, and waste. For brands and fulfillers, this sustainable production means meeting any voluntary commitment or mandatory standard.

When everything around us changes, we need to protect what we know and trust while welcoming innovations that can offer both stability and progress. That’s what we hope to give fulfillers, brands, and shoppers. Let’s maximize our capabilities and opportunities to be all we can be as an industry.

Kornit is bringing its full line of MAX systems for unparalleled capability in sustainable, on-demand production to FESPA Global Print Expo 2022, May 31 – June 3 in Berlin. Whether you’re interested in creating new products and applications in apparel, boosting your capabilities for delivering brilliant impressions on polyester and poly-blend sportswear, or creating durable custom fabrics in any quantity for designers, apparel, or home décor applications, join us at FESPA to see and feel Kornit’s industry-best impressions, have your questions answered, and speak with those now building successful brands and creating new opportunities with end-to-end digital efficiency, versatility, and control.