In a Fast-Changing World, Flexibility Is Your Navigation Tool

Maor Yur
November 17, 2020

Our wardrobes, or to be more exact, the whole fashion sector is facing a real existential crisis ever since the coronavirus outbreak. Trendy shopping sprees are no longer at the forefront of people’s minds, simply because they are not needed. With fewer nights out on our schedules and virtual meetings becoming so popular, we slip into our comfortable sweatpants or hoodies, embracing them as the natural backbone of the pandemic business attire.

When essential items remain our top priority in our everyday life these past six months, we start looking back on the shopping creatures we once were, and soul search. We ask ourselves, “did I really need all those new clothes and accessories I’ve recently bought? Was buying all these stuff truly made me happier? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time to embrace a better fashion logic”.

Even before the pandemic outburst, consumers started to feel unease with the environmental implication of fast fashion, slowly dropping away from shops that boomed for decades because of that model. 

Over the years, our younger millennials would follow their favorite influencers on Instagram and shop for momentous outfits accordingly, adopting celebrities’ powerful persona as if it was their own. 

Now, more consumers are aware that such a trade-off will leave an incredibly damaging impact on our planet for years to come and rethink their shopping habits. The possibilities of realizing new shopping values that are less impulsive, more sustainable-driven, yet remain comfortable and high quality await to be grasped and change mass consumption forever. 

Without a doubt, Forever 21 filing for bankruptcy last year shows exactly how consumers are evolving and taking responsibility. They no longer have a craving for renewing their wardrobe week after week, as it comes with a tremendous amount of waste. And so, more fast-fashion retailers are determined to explore and include sustainable alternatives as they face severe financial debts. As things stand, with shopping becoming an after-thought resulting from the ongoing lockdown, their profit margins and their future existence is a blur of grim uncertainties. 

Kornit’s helps you shift to a flexible mindset and grow stronger:

While stores are closed, on-line shopping remains open. Frankly, consumers are spending less on fashion as they aren’t going out. However, they still want to feel comfortable at home, and spend on loungewear, sportswear (footwear included), and lingerie, to lift their spirits and treat themselves nicely. Clearly, emotional shopping is on the way with bright prospects knocking on your e-commerce doorstep. So, why not grab them?  Kornit’s digital printers promise a complete end-to-end production experience at the push of a button. The on-demand mechanism assures both your front and back ends are digitized and perfectly match consumers’ needs while guaranteeing top quality standards. The added benefit is that when you manufacture on-demand, you get closer to your sustainable objectives, promoting an eco-friendly sentiment. Above all, our printers are smart and can seamlessly switch functions once a new order awaits, enabling you to keep pace with your consumers’ ever-changing desires to express their exclusive trend and style on practically anything wearable.