How to NOT Have an Inventory Dilemma

Maor Yur
March 30, 2020

Let’s cut to the chase! The great love affair retailers have with inventory has always been an ambivalent relationship of love and hate. Companies are forever trying to gain control over their supply chain networks with planning ahead, thus trying to avoid an inventory dilemma. Still, the truth is that there are rights and wrongs to the issue of stockpiling. The good news is that there is an ultimate solution that ensures you have the right amount of product at the right time.

Today of all days, it’s more relevant than ever and even crucial to integrate a new inventory optimization rationale.

So, are you ready to satisfy demand and, at the same time, keep inventory levels at zero? Here is how to find yourself out of an inventory dilemma.

Indeed, it’s a competitive dynamic world, so practically the Henry Ford model of inventory management where you can have a car in any color (or size) you’d like, as long as it’s black doesn’t last for long as other tempting options are appealing your customers and you want to remain responsive to sales opportunities for potential profits.

Another challenging argument is how high you should stock, and at what costs? Imagine your costumers’ mood when they are greeted with a “Sorry, but this item is out of stock” message.

Financially wise, you don’t want your capital to be all tied to inventory and therefor pursue to keep inventory to a minimum, but you know as well as I do that with an “out-of-stock” disclaimer, your costumers are likely to find an equivalent product that ships the same day including free delivery in an instant.

This is when a modern solution comes into play where you never miss out on profit opportunities.

Kornit’s produce-on-demand business model and printing technology are all about being able to produce imprinted apparel on-demand, without being tied by inventory. Think about it – your profitability increases simply because there is no risk of inventory waste; you print precisely what your customers want, when they want it, attain liquidity and conserve resources.

Eventually, when you are a print shop using Kornit Digital textile print technology you ultimately, give your customers immediate access to what they are looking for, along with showing them that everything is possible and always on the go.

It is definitely the future of apparel printing.

Being a business that can do that will surely earn repeat customers. There is no doubt about it!